December Project: 30-day Book Challenge

I missed NaNoWriMo2021 so for the whole month of December, I’m going to write thirty posts using Professional Book Nerd’s 30-Day Book Challenge as prompts. This challenge might have been created for Instagram stories but I thought I could use them for a less fleeting series of content.

I’m setting some guidelines for myself:

  • Follow the order of the prompts for post schedule. On days when I miss, I simply have to write about the preceeding prompts before posting the one scheduled that day.
  • Write a 200-word post. More is encouraged, less is disparaged.
  • Skip prompts that don’t interest me. Time is valuable and I prefer to use it on things I find enjoyable… like sleeping.

This intro serves as my summary post where I link all of my responses to the prompts.

Prex JD V Ybasco

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