PBN 30-day Book Challenge Day 4: Book You Remember from Childhood

Disclaimer: The 30-Day Book Challenge is created by Professional Book Nerds. I’m merely responding to their prompts for my own writing challenge.

I have three responses to this prompt and they aren’t any of the Harry Potter novels.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends


Among the gifts I received as a child, this book-set, in particular, is memorable for two reasons: enjoyable reading time with my mom when she used to read stories to us, and painful bruising as my siblings and I hurled these thick books at each other.

Call of the Wild


The very first book that introduced me to the wonderful writing of Jack London was this precious novel, The Call of the Wild. By the time I managed to read this, I was already exposed to Free Willy, Flipper, Balto, and The Lion King so I already expected a somewhat feel-good exciting adventure. Needless to say, Buck became one of the canines I couldn’t help but root for. I decided to read more works for Jack London since then including The Sea-Wolf and White Fang.

Hades Factor


I read Hades Factor for a writing assignment when I was in high school. It was one of the thick novels in the small library of my school and what attracted me was its distinctive blue cover. At that time, it was oddly satisfying to finish reading a book students my age never read. I have to reread this and give the work the justice it deserves since I can’t recall most of the details.

Prex JDV Ybasco


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