Teacher of the Week

Teacher:  Why can’t someone brag about his/her accomplishments?
Student: Because it makes other people angry…
Teacher: Isn’t that their problem?

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Teacher of the Week

Teacher Ganda: Where are you from?
Student: I’m from Miaoli, teacher.
Teacher Ganda: Oh, there are a lot of cats in Miaoli, right?
Student: Huh? Why teacher? How did you know?
Teacher Ganda: (meow..meow…meow…li) (MIAOLI)


*Ganda means beautiful in Filipino.
**Thanks, Teacher Ganda for contributing this. You know who you are. ^_^


Teacher of the Week

When eight-year old kids these days feel like they always get the short end of the stick…

8-year old student : Actually every semester, there are two big exams, Midterm and Finals.
Teacher: Honey, when you get older, you’ll realize that in college, you get three exams in one semester.