How I answered the 20 unusual teaching interview questions

You might have come across my friends’ interesting responses to the 20 Unusual Interview Questions. If you haven’t and you’re missing out, out of the goodness of my heart I give you this list: Teacher of the Week: Upon Teacher of the Week: Syme, the Infinite Teacher of the Week: Artsyfancy’s Tina I decided to…

Teacher of the Week: Artsyfancy’s Tina

Educators around the world celebrated #InternationalTeachersDay so I decided to honor another teacher this week. That sounded awfully nice of me, therefore untruthful. Tina submitted her responses to the questions when I was about to think she wasn’t interested at all, just in time for the Teachers’ Day celebration. Was that entirely honest? Yes. Was…

Teacher of the Week: Syme, The Infinite

In continuation of our Teachers’ Month celebration, I have yet another willing victim. This week’s awesome teacher is Syme from The Average Gay Guy. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because he is quite popular, not only in this virtual domain but also, in real life. How he charms people is his ultimate secret. Ask…

Teacher of the Week

Teacher:  Why can’t someone brag about his/her accomplishments? Student: Because it makes other people angry… Teacher: Isn’t that their problem?

Teacher of the Week

Teacher Ganda: Where are you from? Student: I’m from Miaoli, teacher. Teacher Ganda: Oh, there are a lot of cats in Miaoli, right? Student: Huh? Why teacher? How did you know? Teacher Ganda: (meow..meow…meow…li) (MIAOLI) *Ganda means beautiful in Filipino. **Thanks, Teacher Ganda for contributing this. You know who you are. ^_^  

Teacher of the Week

When eight-year old kids these days feel like they always get the short end of the stick… 8-year old student : Actually every semester, there are two big exams, Midterm and Finals. Teacher: Honey, when you get older, you’ll realize that in college, you get three exams in one semester.  

Teacher of the Week

Student: I was so tired I could kill my friend. Teacher: You could have pushed him over the cliff and he’d die. Student: 😐

Teacher of the Week

Tim, a student: I want to learn English because I want to travel around the world. Teacher Von: But most people in France don’t speak English. Silence————– Teacher Von: *thinks* I think I just destroyed his dream.

Teacher of the WEEK

Student: I like Bon Jovi. That’s why my name is Jovi. Teacher Von: I’m Von.