Vivi Presents: Ang Officemate mong Andres Bonifacio Vibal Group released another video, their own fresh take on #BonifacioDay. Can relate to the video? Like, share, comment and tag your friends. 


MIBF2018 Book Haul

Going to Manila International Book Festival 2018 and getting to be part of what's behind the scenes definitely have restored my faith in buying great books! I've got to admit after downloading a couple of ebook-readers, paying for a book that would turn out to be a disappointment did not look appealing to me. After … Continue reading MIBF2018 Book Haul

The silver-lining: the Gods of VIBAL’s CPD Program

For many, the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016 was not a good news. Let’s be honest: who has the time to go to seminars amidst the noble yet chaotic responsibilities of teaching? It, being a law, however makes it a requirement; violation of such is considered against the law. A notable person once said … Continue reading The silver-lining: the Gods of VIBAL’s CPD Program