Coding from Scratch! Sharing my experience in finishing an introductory course to programming

Disclaimer because this post needs it: I don’t have plans to become a programmer. After working as a business analyst, I have become more interested in software solutions that I want to try building something by myself for myself. After five grueling weeks, hours of lectures, some quizzes and two projects, I earned my Coursera…

Student of the Week: Alyssa

Thank you, Alys from AlysinBookland for letting me share this tweet. And by the way, although she was a former ‘huntress,’ no rabbit was harmed in the remake of her blog. If you are in the search for prolific book reviewers or simply looking for an example on how to live a double life being…


It’s been a while since I did a ‘Student of the Week’ post. This is just a quick shout out to FAN, my former student from Taiwan. She has received her TOEIC results: Listening – 460 Reading – 415 Total – 875 That’s a whopping 875! To Fan, Thank you for sharing the good news….

Student of the Week

Teacher: Age is just a number. Always think that you are young. Ryan: Ok. I am a baby. Is that ok?

Student of the week

Teacher: Oh, no! You don’t work. I can’t ask you this question. Jacob *9 years old* : (aghast) I work. Teacher: What kind of work do you do? Jacob: (proud) I do my homework!

Student of the Week

Teacher: Can you play the piano for me? Rody: I can’t play the piano sorry. I can’t play any instrument but I can play computer games with you.

Student of the Week

IRIS: *reads* “Cat inherits 350,000-dollar House and $100,000 from Owner.” Oh, I want to be a cat.

Student of the Week

Teacher: *pretending to be a hip-hop star* Break it down, yoh! Vince: I’ve already broken down.