COMPIPS Reunion, June 12, 2018

For someone who had hesitated going to the reunion, I immensely enjoyed the party meant for those who believed in “trabaho muna bago pakikisama.”
PNU-SG COMELEC was my safe haven when I was an undergraduate. Have you had those moments when too many things in your life overwhelm you and you just have to do something to set things straight? It was COMELEC for me. Crazy it may seem particularly for those who know how studying is like in Philippine Normal University, but working in that org in that dingy little room made me helped me stay focused and goal-oriented. It was not an easy feat to juggle my academic requirements -which I am very proud to say were above satisfactory- and Secretary General responsibilities but I got through those four years just fine.


It took us, well in my case since I graduated in 2008, ten years to be reunited and through our fluctuating weights, growing families, and changing of careers, we felt how time flew so fast. Some of us looked the same, others looked even better. Of course, I could not recognize some of them anymore and I made a mistake about twice but isn’t this the very reason why people have reunion parties? to remember each other?

It’s unnerving and nostalgic to be called ‘Knack’ again ―I dropped the name when I had my second job and started using the initials of my long name.


It looked like a party for overgrown kids with all those parlor games and ridiculous but practical prizes.


And the food! Jollibee even graced us with his presence and charmed the ladies―me included. We also celebrated the beautiful Kresha’s birthday.

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I got reunited with my ‘partner’ and ‘daughter.’


As I listened to Bhymar, Kresha and Caps talking about how they wanted to make this relationship last longer until we all grew older, I couldn’t help but reminisce the times my own group had thought their batch had needed a stronger foundation to initiate change and to stand on their own feet.

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Looking at them, I couldn’t be any prouder.


Photo fro Bhymar ^_^





MAY 2018 Articles

Have you ever read your old articles and remembered how exactly you wrote them? Do they evoke happy or sad memories? Same time last year, I was in a different environment. As I am writing this in an office full of busy people, their work stations separated by low green dividers, I can’t help but be nostalgic.

Erich Fromm on Spontaneity as the Wellspring of Individuality, Creativity, and Love (BrainPickings.Org)

My argument is that with controlled and managed schedule, I can let my brain be free and roam beyond the boundaries of things I have to do and should do.

How to Disagree

Yes, correcting someone else’s grammar is one of them but not the highest form of disagreement though. Beware, Grammar Nazis.

The Secrets of the High Potential Personality (BBC)

Exactly what I need to hear: MBTI is outdated. I think I need to stalk David Robson as most of the articles I included in my previous collections were from this person and that’s amazing.

A Different Way to Look at Plot and Character (WordPress)

Character driven plot is the trend these days. My take on this article though is one only needs to look at the idea behind fanfiction. We create myriads of stories out of the same backbone but we come up with plots based on the characters.

Australia’s Ancient Language Shaped by Sharks

It’s a life changing moment when you suddenly learn something about sharks or anything related to them aside from the fact that they are cold-blooded.


I don’t know how busy my schedule in June will be but I will still try to keep at least my monthly articles alive.





Define ‘dream job.’

Short and sweet: I work for VIBAL Publishing or now known as VIBAL Group, the biggest publishing house in the Philippines.

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Before I decided to quit my last job, countless of times I had been asked what kind of work it was  and I was not able to give a definite answer. It was not because I was ashamed of my job or my company– I was proud of my work, really, and even the company I used to work for managed to send me to a different country, a feat not all companies out there are willing to do for their employees. I was satisfied, or so I thought until a door opened and I realized why I was so tight-lipped when it came to my job description.

In January, I was offered a training position in another ESL company and needless to say, it added up to my ego that another company saw my potential, that I could be something more. With the promise of landing another job, I decided to render my resignation.

Things started to change in February though when I was asked to speak in a seminar (read my experience here). I got to represent a publishing house so why stop there? After a series of exams, interviews, psychological evaluation, and requirements, long story short, here I am, a budding writer working for a publishing house.

So are you a writer there?
You are not the only one wondering. Even the interviewers wondered why I didn’t apply as an editor. Nope. I don’t work as a writer. Not only  ’til I overheard an ongoing interview did I set the answer in stone: experience. I have written a number of articles, stories and even published my own book but I am honestly more experienced in teaching and discussing things and that is something I can definitely contribute. Gone are the days when I primarily wanted to learn things– I think I can pick something up while doing what I am good at. Truth be told, coming from me this may sound a little unexpected: there is actual pressure in writing for a publishing house and I’m just not ready for it. Until then, I can only gain experience, accumulate knowledge, and finally have the guts. Lateral transfer is not a new system anyway.




It’s been a while since I did a ‘Student of the Week’ post. This is just a quick shout out to FAN, my former student from Taiwan. She has received her TOEIC results:

Listening – 460
Reading – 415
Total – 875

That’s a whopping 875!

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To Fan,

Thank you for sharing the good news. I sincerely think you deserve the score — although you can seriously work on getting 900.

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April 2018 Articles

Time flies so fast! Just a backstory, I started collating articles on April first and now here we are, on the last day! Is this intro something worth reading? No? I thought so!

A Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Book Bloggers (WordPress)

Image result for sipping tea gifI have just been using #amreading (or #amwriting) every time I tweet about books. I do even participate in some book tags from Book Fairies and the sort but I want to try #bookchat and #booktalk. Personal inhibitions prevent me from posting lots of things in Twitter though because people could be very savage there. VERY. Though I can be pretty savage myself, I personally think it is tiring to argue with someone you don’t know over something you can look at from different perspectives.

20 Lord Of The Rings Memes That Prove The Movies Make No Sense

I just want to clarify: I absolutely love The Lord of the Rings. Don’t burn me just because I found this list hopelessly hilarious.

How Much Should Your Boss Know About You?(BBC)

Just as long as I hit my KPIs, it doesn’t matter, does it?

Are People Misinterpreting Your Email Sign-off?(BBC)

It hardly matters these days particularly to those who don’t write emails anymore.

My Favorite and Least Favorite Harry Potter Novel (WordPress)

I saw Harry Potter and Dani in one post, I clicked. Enough said.

Bellatrix Lestrange: ESFP(WordPress)

A chief operating officer asked about my article on INTJs so down I went into the rabbit hole.

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…oh hey, I wrote a book (WordPress)

Novel Excuses has shared the process of how she finished the first draft of her book, champagne, cat and all. Don’t ask me about my second manuscript– yes, it’s been a draft for ages, I know.








MARCH 2018 Articles

I totally messed up my February 2018 Articles I know you can’t even qualify that as a collection. A number of things happened in February — changing careers, attending and speaking in seminars, requirements etc. — but rest assured that I am as enthusiastic about my monthly dishing of articles as I was when I started it.

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To make up for last month’s collection, I have decided to read more (I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, dude!) and write more (what’s new?).

This is How to Handle Stress, According to Nutritionist and Author Dr. Doni Wilson

A project that gave an opportunity to meet Dr. Doni, a best-selling author of “The Stress Remedy.” It was such a shame though that I wasn’t able to get a copy of her book.

A Guest Speaker’s 24 hours in Albay

…is the product of my short experience in Albay for the seminar sponsored by Vibal Publishing House.

Chasing Mr. Sunrise: A Ride to Pililla, Rizal

And just like that, I decided to document our trips together.

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I am certainly acting like an a$$ recapping all of my articles in March- GUILTY!

But hey, at least I’ve done something.

Moving on!

Here are the fantastic articles you guys ought to read:

Stephen Hawking on the Meaning of the Universe (BrainPickings.Org)

Image result for stephen hawking


A homage to one of the greatest minds on the planet. You simply can’t take him for granted particularly now. Kudos to the man who made a name for himself and made sure anybody wanting to know about the universe will remember his name.




Why Don’t Superhero Movies Win Awards? (BBC)

For this, I give you Cap himself.


Having the power to choose things that can make you happy has always been an admirable trait.


By the way, just in case you’re wondering why I had to indicate where I got the articles from as opposed to what I had done in the past, I was thinking I needed to consider those who read from their trusted sources. Yep, it’s only for transparency.


Chasing Mr. Sunrise: A Ride to Pililla, Rizal

We met with the HOTMAMA! riders at five in the morning for a ‘breakfast ride.’


My own Mr. Dorito

It was  a loooooong ride from Malabon to Rizal but such was the feeling of those people who went to a different place for the first time.


You can imagine how difficult it is for a nocturnal to sleep at one in the morning and wake up at four but the view was worth it.


One would think that going to Rizal might be dangerous given how steep the roads and sharp the curves were but we saw a number of cyclists on the road, obviously in awe of the inspiring Mr. Sunrise.




His hair and his big bike got the attention of many.

The first part of our itinerary being finished, we rode on to the place where the windmills were: Pililla.

I didn’t miss the chance to ask them for a photo-op!




The HOTMAMA! Boyband. Yep, they’ve just started a band.


Apart from the quail-egg vending children, you can find places where you can get sustenance nearby. Look at Gerard here who was able to purchase some wafer sticks for an affordable price.


I may not be a windmill expert but I thought the ones in Ilocos looked taller than these guys but who knows? Perhaps the location was also a big factor to their sizes? What I do know though is apart from the serenity the place brings, the alternative source of energy is also big help to us. Then again, who cares about green energy when one look at the place can energize you?


Sir Chester and Ma’am Van took a pose for the nth honeymoon? 


The Guitarist and the Lead Vocalist of the HOTMAMA! band.


Congratulations on your first long ride, JM!


Affordable souvenirs from the Pililla!

We also found an adorable place not so near the windmills: The Daily Beans.


Situated in L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo, The Daily Beans red and brown facade beckoned us to enter and have a light snack– well, it’s either that or we were so hungry.

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I certainly had fun taking pictures of the whole place just as much as I had trouble deciding between uploading the pictures in my own blog and doing a write up or submitting the whole thing to another online magazine!

The whole experience required a more personal approach as I immensely enjoyed it. I suppose you already know what choice I made.

February 2018 Articles

Welcome back to another round of articles for the love month! Be warned, though: this list contains articles far from the lovey-dovey posts you normally expect in February.

Before sharing other people’s work, let me shamelessly promote my One Ok Rock article featured in WheninManila: ONE OK ROCK Rocked Manila During Their AMBITIONS Concert

Tokyo Ghoul: re Vol. 2-3 // A Review

I feel like an absolute fangirl after reading Dani’s review of Tokyo Ghoul! My blog isn’t anime/manga loaded but I’m pretty sure you guys know that Kaneki is listed in my Top Ten Favorite Characters.

15 Surprisingly Frugal Habits of the British Royal Family

How accurate the intel of Readers’ Digest is I don’t have any idea but the list makes me feel like I’m actually a part of the Royal Family.

Image result for legally blonde what like it's hard gif

I know the list isn’t much but… nothing we can’t improve, right?