Let #VibalMIBF2018 be your hashtag

That’s right folks, it’s the time of year again. On September 12-16, book-lovers, bookworms, book-hoarders are going to come alive and go to SMX Mall of Asia to participate in the highly anticipated Manila International Book Fair!

VIBAL Group has prepared a number of activities that will certainly entertain people and make them fall in love with reading once again– not that bibliophiles needed more encouragement but you’ll never know! They might bring their less enthusiastic friends along and turn them into hardcore book-lovers as well.IMG_3002

Join us at our booths -YEP! Vibal Group has two booths on the 1st and 2nd floor respectively- participate in our activities and win awesome prizes.





Great people or at least those who pretend to be often say that success is measured by how happy one has lived his life regardless of his accomplishments. I doubt that. Lions roam the Safari with contentment but I haven’t heard of a successful nor a happy one–kindly introduce me if you have met the greatest lion in the world (cue: Circle of Life).

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I, however, have heard of the greatest showman, the greatest purveyor of arts, the greatest philosopher… What I am trying to point out is if true success meant happiness and contentment in life without having to work hard, I wouldn’t be any different from the homeless person living outside of my village.

I have accomplished a great number of things in my thirty years of stay on this planet. Publishing my own book, winning a couple of awards, speaking in front of a huge crowd were some of them. Why stop there?

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Being ambitious is not as bad they say.

 Is like the sea wave, which the more you drink 
 The more you thirst—yea—drink too much, as men 
 Have done on rafts of wreck—it drives you mad.  - Alfred Tennyson

They say life begins at forty. That’s a big fat lie. Life begins when you live it. 30 years ago I started living mine.


How did 2017 go for me?

I am not here to bore you to death with how it went –you’ve got enough on your plate without me ruining your digestion anyway. Let me just break it down to three categories:
a) Reading Updates
b) Writing Updates
c) Personal Goals

So without further ado, here’ s the list:

Reading Updates
I managed to read 150  books in 2017.

reading challenge

Don’t let the number fool you though. More than half of the number are volumes and volumes of Manga- Japanese comic books. Before you say I cheated, and admittedly I know it looks cheating to anybody, Goodreads counts it just like that. Besides, finishing one entire series of manga is a difficult feat in itself.

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Writing Updates

Articles and more Articles. I poured my heart, soul, and time into these babies and seeing them published gives me great joy. Who would have thought that a childish dream of seeing one’s name in Google with great merit was actually achievable?

Bloggingwise, I think I did better last year and my somehow I’m pretty much consistent with my content. The unplanned series was Monthly Articles where I kept a list of the notable articles I had read in a month and a short review. This was introduced in March of 2017 and I didn’t miss posting a list until December! I intend to keep at it not because it gets readership but also I sincerely learn tons from the articles that I read.

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My manuscript, on the other hand, is there somewhere. I can’t spill the deets yet as there isn’t anything substantial to spill.

Personal Goals

My only personal goal for this year was to chill. After going through a successful operation in 2016, I promised that I would detach myself from things that were irrelevant to me as a person and as a writer. I managed to focus more on things that actually mattered like saving money and keeping my body healthy. Connecting to my family members and establishing a closer relationship with them became my strength.

2017 was a great year for me and it opened a lot of doors. 2018 is the time for me to go through each one of them and grow. Yes, I suck at endings. Happy New Year.


Burning the Handbook of Mortals?

Related image

As a published author, I am proud of every star, review (positive or negative), and every dollar my novel and articles earn. This recent case about a book making it to the New York Time’s Best Seller’s list has just intensified this pride. Instead of dousing my desire to write because any nameless writer can make it to the top of a prestigious list, I am delighted that the product of my own night musings and caffeine-induced daydreams  is there, fighting a fair battle for me. It is perhaps a turning point in publishing literature: it does not matter what is on the list. What matters is what is going to last.

Handbook of Mortals may have earned a bigger publicity albeit how negative the comments are; it has etched a hideous mark on what most authors have been aiming for.

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I won’t even go as far as rating the book with a star. For now. Maybe the writer did her part in creating a wonderful story- I could give her that benefit of the doubt. Then again, I’m a writer as well, a very ambitious one who is easily swayed by competition.

Bosses irk their employees by promoting those who don’t deserve it, so nobody can point a dirty finger at me and expect me not to bite.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wizarding World Book Club

The title says it all.

You can visit Pottermore’s official website by clicking on the tweet’s link or here:

Now I know what my annual Harry Potter Marathon is for. Get ready for me.




“Too bad, see you next week!”


Hi! I’m supposed to post another Manga Monday update today and just in case you’re wondering, the post above is Prince of Tennis’ Kikumaru Eiji’s favorite catch phrase.


However, owing to circumstances, and as I have started my annual Harry Potter Marathon, I haven’t posted anything. To be honest, I don’t have plans posting anything this month, lol.  Not to mention, the next topic is quite challenging: Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters! which, in my defense, needs a lot of time to pour over.

I’m also trying to finish reading two more books vis-a-vis the Harry Potter series. I know it is a lame excuse but everybody needs to know how to juggle his/HER! time.

So pardon me dear readers if I will be taking a break for this week (Bailey, I’m sorry, too!) but I promise to post in the following weeks to come, HP marathon or not. Be advised that I am going to have lots of scheduled posts and may not be able to promptly respond to comments.

Features are still on, so for those who want to be part of this blog, please don’t hesitate to participate here.

Until then, you can find me in the Wizarding world, and certainly in J.K. Rowling’s clutches.

See you!


Manga Mondays

I would like to announce to the whole universe that your dear President is going to participate in this amazing Tag/Meme Bailey has made for her blog, Nerd in New York, and it’s *drumroll*:


As it says it’s “Mondays” you will see me update (or schedule updates) my blog, instead of posting my usual Literary Lines as part of my “Presidential Break.” The said lines will be part of Book Update Wednesdays, particularly in those weeks I haven’t scheduled any Book Review.

For the rules, visit Nerd in New York.


Manga Mondays a new meme created by Balie (me) talking about Anime/Manga. Manga Mondays: Pretend F.A.Q (because no one really asked questions) What is Manga Monday?  Manga Monday is a new meme crea…

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From the Desk of the President

Dear Students, Educators, Readers, and Writers,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the new format of “The Ybasco University,” from now on, Viter-Ybasco University, a reflection of the signatory’s ideals in the field of learning. The university which started as a response to an oppressive regime of a nasty dean (may God bless him wherever he is) is now gone. The undersigned does not intend to put superficial limits on Learning equals freedom -the tag this makeshift institution is all about. Truth be told, it has been years since yours truly got over what she considers the Dark Ages for the academe.

From its friendly and colorful theme to its monochromatic tones, the university is about to embark on a journey to the more serious, and professional side of learning. Yes, learning is fun but it also entails much responsibility.


From here on, the blog will be devoted to Languages, Literacy and Literature, three things the signatory values as an educator and a writer.

The course schedule is as follows:

course schedule

The schedule the undersigned has made for the site is a framework of her plans for the university, a requirement she hopes to fulfill. Challenges of laziness, work and boredom she may encounter along the way and she most certainly cannot promise anybody she will not succumb to them but will do her very best to always bounce back and write. If there is one thing she has learned in the years she has been writing, it is to trust her talent in stringing words together but not the speed she does it. Thus, a schedule like so may help the President to post updates more frequently if not regularly.

VYU accepts submissions for Blog Feature, Author Feature, Student and Teacher of the Week and you will find all the information you need here.

Most respectfully yours,