July 2018 Articles

Thank you to Joey of Thoughts and Afterthoughts  for subtly reminding me that I have a huge responsibility to update my blog. Although, to be honest, he was only reflecting on his own blogging schedule and I just felt quite guilty. That feeling when you haven't blogged in 5ever and your scheduled drafts end up going … Continue reading July 2018 Articles


How did 2017 go for me?

I am not here to bore you to death with how it went --you've got enough on your plate without me ruining your digestion anyway. Let me just break it down to three categories: a) Reading Updates b) Writing Updates c) Personal Goals So without further ado, here' s the list: Reading Updates I managed … Continue reading How did 2017 go for me?

Literary Constellations

I chanced upon this website when I was looking for an interesting read in Brainpickings.org . I am astounded that someone out there has taken time to make these literary constellations. How I miss Structure of English. Constellations of first sentences from each chapter of short stories Source: Literary Constellations