PBN 30-day Book Challenge Day 3: Book you did not finish

Disclaimer: The 30-Day Book Challenge is created by Professional Book Nerds. I’m merely responding to their prompts for my own writing challenge.

Oh, boy! Where do I start?

First, let me set the scope of ‘books I did not finish’ to novels. Rarely do I crack open a non-fiction book and start reading from the beginning to the end unless they are works of Stephen Hawking and Ayn Rand. Neither will this post include anthologies and poetry collections.

My decision not to finish reading a book is often influenced by whether I have to create a review or not. If I am obliged to as part of a blog tour or I simply want to write an occasional paper about it or a theme it revolves in, I will try to finish it no matter how long it takes, how difficult the concept is, or how boring it is. Besides that, I simply stop reading a book when it doesn’t fit my preference or when I think my time is better spent on more rewarding activities like watching Netflix or scrolling my social media feed. With all the books I have, physical or digital, I think it makes more sense to devote time to the genre of novels I find fascinating.


Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight is one of those novels I didn’t finish and I haven’t picked up ever since due to preference concerns. To be fair, I’m not one of those who badmouth the novel or the series in general- I can’t because I didn’t finish it. How can I hate something I know nothing about? Neither am I influenced by those reviews. I’m just not big on romance and vampires.


Shine by Jessica Jung is another novel I decided not to continue reading. I remember being distracted by the first-person narration. Whether it’s a good book or not, I have yet to determine.

There are other books I did not finish for one reason or another. Suffice it to say that I can always pick them up again when I run out of excuses other stuff to read.

Prex JDV Ybasco


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