Recalibration: Setting my 10-year Goals

The beginning of the year often signals a reset for many people so a number of us are prone to creating resolutions we aim to abide by (at least in the first three months of the year) or goals that we want to achieve. This behavior subjects us to the marketing strategies of journal and…

Nihongo 101: 突然「とつぜん」

Meaning: abrupt/ sudden/ unexpected Conjugations: 突然な (Adj), 突然に (Adv) 雨が突然降り始めた。Reading: あめがとつぜんふりはじめた。Romaji: Ame ga totsuden furi hajimeta.Translation: It suddenly began to rain. 突然明かりが消えた。Reading: とつぜんあかりがきえた。Romaji: Totsuzen akari ga kieta.Translation: Suddenly, the light went out. 突然計画が変更された。Reading: とつぜんけいかくがへんこうされた。Romaji: Totsuzen keikaku ga henkousareta.Translation: Suddenly, plans had to be changed.

NIHONGGO 101: 輝く

私は暗い世界で輝いてる。 I’m shining in the dark world. It’s been a while since I posted in Japanese and I missed it a bit. 輝く is a verb I learned from Taeyeon’s song “I am the Greatest.”  

July 2018 Articles

Thank you to Joey of Thoughts and Afterthoughts  for subtly reminding me that I have a huge responsibility to update my blog. Although, to be honest, he was only reflecting on his own blogging schedule and I just felt quite guilty. That feeling when you haven’t blogged in 5ever and your scheduled drafts end up going…

A Guest Speaker’s 24 hours in Albay

Feb 23rd Out of my excitement, I got to the airport about four hours before my flight. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited? I decided to make the most out of my time and stayed at the nearest charging station where I squeezed my brain out for an article. While working on my pending article…

Good old Bilbo

私はあなたの半分が私が好きであると同時に半分も知らない。私はあなたの半分以下、半分以下が好きです or 私はあなたが好きなだけ半分を知らない。私はあなたの半分以下、半分以下が好きです   I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Translation Mishap

Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate those groups who translate the comics for a bigger audience but lines like this encourage me to just study Japanese and read the manga raw. 英語と日本語の勉強して頑張りましょう!