The President

An accomplished Educator.
A Seminar Speaker.
A Bookworm.
A Musician.
A Writer.
The President of Viter-Ybasco University, Prex is the indie author of the young adult novel, “To be Continued.” She enjoys reading and writing, coffee and animations, and 21km marathons. She finds amusement in talking with her imaginary self while rearranging her books. In her spare time, she fantasizes about going to a parallel universe and wreaking havoc to mankind which obviously she cannot do due to her love for Literacy and Literature.



Amazon Author Page:

Goodreads Author Page

I don’t wear INTJ on my sleeves. Neither should you. 3 May 2017, Medium
7 Things To Do Instead Of Focusing On Bad Reviews And Rejection Letters. 8 May 2017, Thought Catalog
15 Reasons Male Anime Characters Make Ideal Boyfriends. 16 May 2017, Thought Catalog
7 Perks of Fanfiction, 16 June 2017, Page & Spine
Even If You Aren’t Into Anime, You Should Watch ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, 19 September 2017, Thought Catalog





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