Passion vs. Strength, The Magnet Theory

Where lies your passion, you may find your strength.How do I identify the difference between these two? Strength for me is a product of consistent practice. It's an overt behavior and in a way it means people compliment you for it without you needing them to or without you knowing why. To exemplify, one of … Continue reading Passion vs. Strength, The Magnet Theory


Let #VibalMIBF2018 be your hashtag

That's right folks, it's the time of year again. On September 12-16, book-lovers, bookworms, book-hoarders are going to come alive and go to SMX Mall of Asia to participate in the highly anticipated Manila International Book Fair! VIBAL Group has prepared a number of activities that will certainly entertain people and make them fall in love … Continue reading Let #VibalMIBF2018 be your hashtag