I don’t want to be a president or a mayor. I just want to be a rich man.


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Meredith: As soon as I got home, upon opening the door, I saw a huge cockroach on the table and I closed the door. Then, I asked myself who the real owner of the house was. There was a cockroach that welcomed me home!!

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The next step is, I held my slipper because I needed a weapon. When I successfully got into the house, I went into the bathroom quickly.

Quick Review: The Waste Lands by Stephen King

The Waste LandsThe Waste Lands by Stephen King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have issues reading this book:
1) Violence against women (Suze’s rape scene)
2) Violence against children (Jake’s bruises)
3) Violence against animals (Oy’s demise)
You’d think I enjoyed violence against men but what can I do when the 3 out of 4 of the main characters are male? lol

Stephen King himself said that he was sorry there had been so many loopholes in the book but I was just wondering if Eddie’s carving skills would be of use in the next books (yep, I’m hitting my own head against the wall). Perhaps it had been necessary that it was one of his hidden talents but it later on didn’t do anything to the story, did it… Perhaps it was just an excuse to bring Jake into mid-world and have his wife be raped by a demon…

Saving Jake from the Tick-Tock Man and confronting air-head (if he had any head) Blaine were among my favorite Gunslinger parts.


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September Articles

I’ve got another article published in Thought Catalog: Even if you aren’t into anime, you should watch ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’. 
[https://thoughtcatalog.com/prex-j-d-v-ybasco/2017/09/even-if-you-arent-into-anime-you-should-watch-the-seven-deadly-sins/] I don’t know why but I had thought ‘7 Reasons to Watch ‘The Seven Deadly Sins” was a better fitting title but they changed it. Then again, the more important point is, it got published right?

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Here are the other articles I deemed worth reading this month:

The Power of  a Not-to-Do List

A great job for BBC to have featured this one. You can find Andrew Wilkin’s original article, The Power of Anti-Goals, here.

How to Neutralize Haters: E.E. Cummings, Creative Courage, and the Importance of Protecting the Artist’s Right to Challenge the Status Quo
My ultimate problem with conformists and negative reviews is wonderfully summarized in this text.

What most bosses get wrong about Millennials

We don’t hesitate to go where our talents can be best recognized.

The Words that Make us Calmer

Like what I was telling my student some days ago, at this point of my life, I appreciate the sophistication of subtlety. I may not be into poetry but I can appreciate works that glorify one’s soul and feed minds.

Aside from the works above, I’ve been too engrossed reading Tokyo Ghoul.

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What have you read this month?