2021 Looking for INTJ 8w7s Results


Disclaimer: This was an amateur survey I created to satisfy my curiosity. It was flawed in a lot of ways and through the responses, I could tweak some items here and there and come up with a better version.

To this day, Looking for an INTJ 8w7 is my top ranking post and I couldn’t help but wonder if many were as curious to know what that type indicates as I was-or am. I had a number of assumptions and it’s fascinating to know if those would be proven wrong or …right.

I received a number of interesting responses to the survey and I’m taking them in with a bucket load of salt. *First survey flaw* I can’t trust all responders are INTJ 8w7s after all (unless I could transport myself and observe every respondent which is currently impossible, and entertaining the possibility, exhausting and time-consuming). The way I see it, a potential respondent could fall in any of these categories: 1) mistyped individuals who would easily jump into the bandwagon, 2) INTJ 8w7s who are typecasted as ENTJs, 3) INTJ 8w7 who know and have confirmed they are INTJ 8w7s and finally 4) INTJ 8w7s who are oblivious to their typology, couldn’t care less and are living their lives relentlessly pursuing the objectives of their Ni supported by their auxiliary Te. Given this, the respondents of this survey would be either 1 or 3. Needless to say, I’ve pruned responses I deemed are unnecessary unhelpful.

Date Survey was deployed: September 10, 2020

Number of Respondents: 66

The survey will be improved and updated based on the responses provided. What you are about to read are the results of the quantitative parts of the survey. The qualitative responses, easier to subject to bias reporting, need to be treated with more care.

You only have two minutes for the results? Just watch this video.

Which type did INTJ 8w7s find out earlier?

Assumption: MBTI> Enneagram.

A number of MBTI sites and articles I visited and read refer to MBTI + Enneagram combination more often than Enneagram articles with MBTI classification.

My Response: I got my unofficial MBTI typology first before the Enneagram one.

How did INTJ 8w7s confirm their MBTI type?

Assumption: 16 Personalities > Official MBTI > The rest

16 Personalities, as it’s free and has been popularized, can reach more audience as opposed to the official and paid typology exam. A portion of those who took the unofficial site would be interested to ‘validate’ their type.

My response: 16 Personalities, Human Metrics

Resolution: More sites were provided so this survey question will be updated with those responses.

To what extent are INTJ 8w7s interested in their MBTI type?

Objective: To determine INTJs’ level of interest in their MBTI type and compare it against general interest in their Enneagram type.

My response: 3

How did INTJ 8w7s find out they are 8w7?

Objective: To determine if INTJ 8w7s sought to understand their Enneagram type as much as they tried to confirm their MBTI.

To what extent are INTJ 8w7s interested in their Enneagram type?

Objective: To determine 8w7s’ level of interest in their Enneagram type and compare it against general interest in their MBTI type.

My response: 4 (Extremely Interested) Why else would I create an amateur survey?

Interpretation: The majority is extremely interested in both MBTI and Enneagram results but there’s a significant difference between Enneagram and MBTI results. It seems that many lean towards MBTI.

Which do INTJ 8w7s think is more accurate?

Objective: To determine if respondents prefer one typology over the other.

Assumption: The majority of the respondents would claim that both were accurate and would treat both typologies as parts of a whole.

Results: From these results, we can infer that a small portion of the respondents prefers one or the other. It is worth mentioning that 1% of the respondents believe that neither one is accurate. It would be interesting to know why.

Did INTJ 8w7s read articles about their type?

Assumption: Many INTJ 8w7s would have read a number of articles about this combination out of sheer curiosity.

Results: It’s baffling to note that a number of INTJ 8w7s didn’t read any article about their typology. Perhaps their main source of typology information isn’t necessary a reading material but a video or a series of videos. Or perhaps they aren’t as interested in knowing what this combination entails. Or, there aren’t many resources about INTJ 8w7 as a whole. Sure there are several Google pages dedicated to the INTJ worship alone but the combination? I’m wondering if this question should be improved because it contradicts the results of being interested in the typology.

What are INTJ 8w7s fields of interest?

Objective: To get an organic view of INTJ 8w7s fields of interest as opposed to the more popular statistics.

Results: It is quite obvious that I need to revise this section to include the other options provided by the respondents and to eradicate stray responses like “everything.” One cannot study everything all at the same time with the same level of interest. It goes against focus, organization, and efficiency. Rather than Ni-Te, this response is more of Ne-Ti (those who have an intensive understanding of cognitive functions are free to agree or disagree).

How much time do INTJ 8w7s spend on their field/s of interest?

Assumption: Ni-Fi drivers of an INTJ would mean spending more time on a field of interest.

Results: Given that I already assumed that INTJ 8w7s devote much time to their fields of interest, I’m now considering the implications of having a 1-2 hour response. This may mean: 1) Daily activities e.g. house chores or work might have prevented these respondents from devoting more than two hours of their time on their field/s of interest, 2) two hours is sufficient enough to devote on one’s interest/s- can this be a sign of efficiency? 3) the responders have locked on a specific interest, narrowing them into one or two and pursuing them relentlessly in that span of time.

Will INTJ 8w7s continute to study about their MBTI + Enneagram combination?

Objective: To determine if INTJ 8w7s would keep on trying to understand the implication of this combination

Results: This for me is a healthy ratio of results. Putting it into perspective, it may be as much as how many people care about their birthdays or blood types. This information (birthday or blood type) is good to know and very important particularly when filling out forms but isn’t detrimental to decision-making unless it’s a health concern. Knowing one’s typology does not need to be the sole focus of anyone’s life.

Would INTJ 8w7s be interested in talking with each other?

Assumption: Yes. It will take a carefully crafted question or topic. What the topic would be, how long the discussion would last, how animated or not the conversation could be are more interesting to figure out.

No matter how good or bad or generic this survey is, I don’t have any means of knowing if the respondents answering my questions are actually INTJ 8w7s. Anybody can appear “organized,” “efficient,” “strong,” “determined”, or “aggressive” online (Hi, ISTJs!). It seems quite pointless to conduct a survey in the first place apart from blog engagement. Then again, questions need to be answered; curiosity needs to be satiated in one form or another; improvement is the next step to take. Until a test that will provide the MBTI / Enneagram combination is published and the only resources available are assumptions on what an INTJ 8w7 is like, my amateur survey (with better versions) will continue to collect data.

Prex Ybasco


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