Looking for an INTJ 8w7

If you have encountered a person exhibiting the aforementioned description, let me know. I must say however that those who understand Cognitive Approach to INTJ are more welcome. I find INTJ 8w7 interesting to a scary degree. I have always daydreamed having a conversation with this person and trying to keep up.

Related image


It’s such a shame they are so rare–which makes them even more interesting.





2 thoughts on “Looking for an INTJ 8w7

  1. I have a friend in one of my ENFP & INTJ groups on facebook who is an INTJ 8w7. You could always come join our group to talk to him.
    Still trying to figure out how an ENFP 7w8 sx/so/sp was lucky enough to earn his friendship, so if you join please keep me anonymous.

    • Good day. I’m sorry for getting back to you late. Though the idea of finally communicating with an INTJ 8w7 sounds so tempting, I wouldn’t want to use my personal FB account nor create a new one just so. Does this unicorn have a twitter account or a blog that way I may stalk him?

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