Looking for an INTJ 8w7

If you have encountered a person exhibiting the aforementioned description, let me know. I must say however that those who understand Cognitive Approach to INTJ are more welcome. I find INTJ 8w7 interesting to a scary degree. I have always daydreamed having a conversation with this person and trying to keep up.

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It’s such a shame they are so rare–which makes them even more interesting.





5 thoughts on “Looking for an INTJ 8w7

  1. I have a friend in one of my ENFP & INTJ groups on facebook who is an INTJ 8w7. You could always come join our group to talk to him.
    Still trying to figure out how an ENFP 7w8 sx/so/sp was lucky enough to earn his friendship, so if you join please keep me anonymous.

    • Good day. I’m sorry for getting back to you late. Though the idea of finally communicating with an INTJ 8w7 sounds so tempting, I wouldn’t want to use my personal FB account nor create a new one just so. Does this unicorn have a twitter account or a blog that way I may stalk him?

  2. I am an INTJ 8w7 sp/sx. You won’t find many on forums because we are usually working on accomplishments not chatting with people. Just happen to be on the treadmill right now and all emails, phone calls done. Not sure how I even found this post.

    • It’s your Ni that brought you here. Given the MBTI and Enneagram tests, I wonder how you finally ‘came to terms’ being an INTJ 8w7. Having Ni-Te stack would make you open to ideas, second to INTPs of course. I am honestly in search of answers, cognitive functions considered -less MBTI-ish, but more Jungian. MBTI tumblrs tend to leave people astray. Of course, you are free to participate in this exchange of ideas, not exactly a chat, the same way you are free to ignore me.

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