February 2019 Articles

Love month! The shortest month of the year just came in a whirlwind and for all we know, there are only 10 months before 2020. I better stop here, lol. Here are the articles I found sooooo informative this month:

Hideaki Akaiwa Jumps Headfirst Into Tsunami Water To Save Family and Neighbors

And that’s love.

The Strategies that Get You Through Tough Challenges

I’m not even sure if they are new tags in BBC but I’m highly enjoying “Owning your time” and “Productivity.”

How you can think yourself thin

The best video after all the valentine chocolates people consumed… then again, I really think the BBC team needs to rethink how they come up with titles for their articles.

How to Cultivate a Daily Reading Habit

Because as you age, life really does become too short to read bad books. 

And with that, ladies and gents, we are given every excuse to save time and enjoy reading what we love. After this post, I won’t tolerate anyone who tells me I should ditch my Harry Potter marathon for another series.

How your language reflects the senses you use

This article has made me quickly assess what senses I use as revealed by the languages I speak.

The Hidden Ways Your Language Betrays Your Character

You know what’s missing? The study comparing the differences between the language a person uses when he/she speaks and the language he/she uses when he/she writes. I have come across several introverted people whose essays didn’t sound like excerpts from encyclopedias so I’ve learned not to generalize people according to introversion or extroversion.

Sometimes I tell myself I could probably make my own calendar- January sharing one day to February, and March giving another day to February. Who’s to say I need to follow the accepted calendars? What if my life’s calendar had 14 months instead of 12 , or probably 11? What if each month only had 20 days?

What’s my point? I really don’t have any aside from the one my best friend used to tell me when we were younger, ‘If you can’t respect other people’s time, respect yours.’


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