January 2020 Articles

In January, I learned a number of things that made me better appreciate the nature of my work, read some books as part of my 2020 Reading Project, and reminded myself that I have limited time on earth so I might as well enjoy it as best as I can. Without further ado, here’s the…

November-December 2019 Articles

November started very slowly for me then, like a whirlwind, December came and a ten-day vacation with it so here’s a long list of amazing reads. It’s long. You have been sufficiently warned. Cheers! A celebration of literature’s booziest books (BBC) This old article, 5 years old in fact, is particularly dedicated to writers and…

February 2019 Articles

Love month! The shortest month of the year just came in a whirlwind and for all we know, there are only 10 months before 2020. I better stop here, lol. Here are the articles I found sooooo informative this month: Hideaki Akaiwa Jumps Headfirst Into Tsunami Water To Save Family and Neighbors And that’s love….

“Time is an illusion.” — Albert Einstein