March 2019 Articles

I started March particularly well with a presentation on SVA and voices for our team’s brown bag session, a trip to Taiwan on the second week, and a system deployment for work–but technically I wasn’t the one who deployed it so let’s not delve into this. But hey, who’s asking?

Nietzsche on How to Find Yourself and the True Value of Education

Apart from the usual ‘I-saw-Nietzsche-I-clicked’ habit, that the meaning of education varies from one person to another, generation to another is very interesting. It banks on what people deem is important. An example is having a stable source of income–does this require an MA? PhD? When a person values self growth, are these titles even necessary?

The Smart Guide to Procrastination (BBC)

Appearing busy is not tantamount to being productive and I wish people could give this more thought. And yes, I do tend to stick to plans I have made for myself more than the plans people have for me– not exactly a behavior a rank-and-file employee must have. I still stand by my idea that for every hour I spend for work, I must not hesitate to use 5-10 minutes for myself.

National Procrastination Week (NationalDayCalendar)

…first two weeks in March or when it is convenient.


Why Calvin and Hobbes is Great Literature (LitHub)

I simply need a reason to add some manga volumes to my Goodreads 2019 Finished Reading list. That aside, I do love Calvin and Hobbes– I still have that notebook I used in the university with the newspaper strip on it.

What if we knew when people were lying (BBC)

It would be a very interesting world indeed. The concept of lying has always fascinated me that I even wrote about a ペテン師(petenshi/ trickster) here.

The Truth about Time

This BBC Reel just made me realize that apart from a potted cactus, my table needs an hourglass.

This month, I finished Ready Player One and just to give a snap review: I prefer the movie’s Wade but the book’s plot was waaaaaaay better. I didn’t intend to compare the book and the movie – I always think it’s foolish yet unavoidable to to do so – but I merely stated my preference.

‘Til next month, folks.


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