January 2019 Articles

Thirty days ago, we were just celebrating New Year and now it’s not even new anymore, unless you’re like me who thinks that tomorrow is another year, full cycle and celebrates it nonetheless, minus the extravagant dinner and fireworks.

What it’s like to live in a well-governed country (BBC)

There are some policies I don’t quite appreciate, for example, the one allowing foreigners to buy land/property quite easily. Economics plays an important role there, I know, what with foreigners bringing more money to the country’s income, alleviating the government’s debt, etc., but most often than not, it’s more difficult for citizens to own properties in their homeland.

What we just don’t understand about the 1% (BBC)

“Emotional innumeracy” is perhaps one of the biggest reasons I can’t participate in public demonstrations of human rights. What makes me shake my head in disbelief is how political figures could easily play with my countrymen’s ‘misperception of reality’ (term used in the BBC article).

Publisher business models in the age of platforms (Fipp, 2017)

Ohhhkay, I know you’re thinking it’s outdated but one thing about being a part of a publishing house that strives to improve its web domain, this article is an eye-opener. Since part of my current job is to analyze trends and evaluate relevance of current ones, I deem it necessary to review how the business runs and compare it with more successful ones.

How to stop delegating and start teaching

Though I have a Utopian society in my head, that there is no perfect world is a fact I have accepted– you get responsibilities you aren’t prepared for and sometimes you wish your superiors would teach you what to do after delegating the task. I’m being optimistic when I say that gives a person a room for growth but human beings are funny creatures and we respond to pressure differently: a) you wait for your sup to teach you b) or you ask questions c) you complain too much or d) you teach yourself.

A Visual Summary: 32 Learning Theories Every Teacher Should Know

Still, the most powerful message that I could relate to is “A teacher must never stop learning.”

Earth’s oldest rock was found by Apollo 14 Astronauts -on the moon

At the same time you are reading this, the same thing is happening at a different part of the universe.


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