Starbucks 2019 Planner

Starbucks 2019 Planner

It’s with pleasure that I share with you the newest addition to my collection of dusty planners. 

StarbucksPh practically made the collection of stickers quite easy for me since finally, finally, I didn’t have to force myself to drink their Christmas beverage–I don’t really have a sweet tooth, you see. 

Php 2610 is such a hefty price for a planner but I am a big fan of coffee (though it sucks that they still spell my name JAYMEE, JD, JV) and eighteen cups is just a small amount in a month.

washi tapes
More washi tapes!

SB Planners rarely need to be adorned with stickers and all but for my sanity, I still want to use these washi tapes. In my defense, I could have gotten a simpler planner for a more affordable price without even collecting stickers and use the very same washi tapes but I didn’t really care. I’m A like that. 


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