2020 Planner: 366 Days

366 Days Limelight Planner

Last year, I earned stickers for a Starbucks Planner (click here for 2019 planner) but I wasn’t able to do it this time. Deviating from my monochromatic theme, I got this “366 Days” colorful planner from Limelight. They also come in white, black, and grey and why I wasn’t able to get the less intimidating and more ‘my-kind’ of planner, I owed to my holiday hibernation– I need to set a reminder for myself not to hibernate before I get the 2021 planner and make it a habit moving forward.

The 366 Days planner is equal to two cups of SB Grande Americano or three large cups of Coco Milk Tea whichever you prefer. I could get my money’s worth before the year ends.

This part allows me to write my goals (personal or professional) for the entire year or for the next five years if I want to, really. I just have to think about what to write in the last box because that is highly subjective.

It doesn’t have any spectacular feature apart from the words of wisdom placed at the topmost part of the page that might have been meant to inspire those who use them. I do love how smooth each page is and is dotted instead of lined. I guess it is meant for those interested in bullet journaling.

As with any journals and planners, what matters is the consistency of writing on them. There’s a big chunk of planner buyers who get them for the novelty of it and I simply don’t want to be part of the statistics. Will a sentence be enough?

Prex JDV Ybasco


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