Presidential Announcement: I got hitched.

To be honest, it’s been a month since I got hitched.
This story, by the way, is meant for my future child’s consumption and for my own amusement when in the future I need to look back and not exactly for the public eye (which doesn’t explain why I have posted it here in the first place).

Due to an unexpected event, I haven’t gotten around to thanking our #PerfectDay sponsors yet. Our gratitude goes out not only to our amazing families, Adriano-Ybasco, our principal and secondary sponsors, relatives and friends, but also to those who put their sincerest efforts in celebrating our very special day the way we wanted it to be remembered, the way we truly deserved.

Syme Gozun – for hosting the event

Tina Tindugan @artsyfancy -for our personalised guestbook

unknown (1).jpg

Joie @posturafilipina– for my hair and makeup/styling

Mary Salamat Ybasco  @fatmaria – for our cupcake souvenirs

Pia Salamat @shadesofsolstice – for our liptints which *drumroll* I’m selling through SIRIUS RJ+ more on that later.

Souvenirs Giveaways Philippines – for our black and white salt and pepper shaker

MK Gali Fashion Boutique – for my lovely beaded gown

Tita Mommy Marie and friends – for our loose petals

Ptr. Ian Romero and Rev. Ptr. Bernardino for officiating

My parents Don Jorge and Doña Hannie for my gown and other expenses

His parents Tito Daddy Noel and Tita Mommy Marie for the rings and financial support

And to him, my sun and stars, for his invitation designs, for his initiative in buying our souvenirs, his immense patience and respect for me…and the smile he gave me once he saw me clad in a sparkly beaded gown, walking down the aisle.




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