Blog Feature: The Backpack Adventures

Our first Blog Feature highlights a travel blog, The Backpack Adventures hosted by a former classmate, Neil Alvin Nicerio. Through a series of chats in Facebook, I finally managed to convince him to answer questions about how he started blogging and what tips he could give to those who enjoy traveling and want to share their experiences.


Howdy, I’m Neil Nicerio. I’m a teacher, photographer, and a travel blogger.

You can check out my blog at (The Backpack Adventures)
  1. What does your blog offer?
My blog used to be a variation of a personal travel diary. However, through time it evolved into an educational type of travel blog where one can find out about the history of a place and the rates and itineraries too.

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2.What inspired you to put up a blog?
I love travelling and taking photos of landscapes and architecture. From that passion and my “acquired” love of words… my blog was “conceived”.
3. How often do you post updates?
During my first year, I “require” myself to post at least 10-15 articles but now I limit it to once a week.
4. Do you accept author contributions in your blog?
I don’t accept author contributions in my blog but I have a corner where I promote my peers blogs and websites
5. What awards/ recognition have you received through the blog?
So far, I haven’t received any awards and recognition for my blog but I have been invited to some media tours and promotional tours. I also got to write for travel mags.
6. Do you have any tips for those who want to put up a travel blog?
Travel, take plenty of photos, then write.


Neil Alvin E. Nicerio

Travel Blogger – Educator

Neil has already covered quite a number of places in the Philippines and Japan.
You can find Neil’s articles featured in TravelPlus.Ph here:
Kansai in a Week []
The Raw Beauty of Palui Island []
Visit his blog or tweet him @NeilNicerio

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  1. Neil Alvin says:

    Hello my friend! Thanks for featuring my blog!
    Your blog is something worth visiting . =) See you around Knack!


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