The story of Mr A, rabid ultraist doctor

Once upon a time, a girl envied Mr A , rabid ultraist doctor of a far away kingdom.  It was not his kingdom at all but he ruled over it just the same. On top of that, he was really popular. People loved him, Kings and Queens adored him. Or did they?

Being an ultraist, he was very strict, imposing rules here and there, parading his achievements to the surrounding awe-stricken -or scared- citizens and embellishing his stories with colorful descriptions of how great a person he was. He even had peers, people who bore resemblance to him, those who valued themselves higher than anybody and thought others could not reach their unattainable standards.

There were a number of times he showed his dark side to the kingdom. He insulted a farmer’s boy down to his boot. He asked a duke’s son to give him a ride to the castle. Even the butcher’s girl wasn’t able to do anything but kept quite as Mr A called her all the words synonymous to stupid.

Yet people still flattered him. Kings and Queens praised and knighted him. Or did they? Because every time he turned the other way, the citizens wore a different mask, not the smiling ones Mr A got accustomed to seeing, but the ones full of loathing and sneering. They called him names, cringe worthy words that could probably curl your already curly hair. They also cursed him, imagined the most appropriate and gruesome death possible.

One day, our unusual protagonist got greedy for more admiration, to prove that he alone was the best. He went on an expedition to slay a King Dragon, without informing his kingdom. Cunning and hypocrite, Mr A, rabid ultraist, dealt with two other dragons to kill King Dragon. However, it proved to be a horrible mistake. Dragons did not like to negotiate with a mere mortal much less to kill their beloved King so they had a fiery council with Mr A, and he found himself in hot– boiling, even–waters for he hadn’t expected the dragons to go against him. Surely there had been a mistake! He was popular after all, and didn’t everybody love him?

And like the mortals that they were, upon hearing Mr A ‘s debacle, citizens from that kingdom started talking, gossiping about Mr A, and all the bad things, truth or fiction, stories that they had dared not talk about when he had been in their midst. People seemed to have forgotten the good things he had done, too. (whispers, whispers) Had he done anything good in the first place? However, these good deeds were shrouded by the bad ones and people asked each other how they had endured his presence in all those years!

Kings and Queens tried to recall Mr A’s contribution to their kingdom, or did they? They learned about his perils but they turned and talked about more important things like the next expedition, another candidate for knighthood, and extremely political things that there was a crying need for. They just did not have time for anybody, no matter how special like Mr A, rabid ultraist doctor!

Certainly, one of those who had used to hang out with him would defend him? No. Since he was gone, imprisoned in the tragedy he had set up for himself, his peers lived their lives seemingly forgetting he had been part of the group at all. They continued looking down on others, Mr A, included, and they laughed at him, laughed at his stupidity. They took his cries for help for granted and even said it served him right.

Mr A found himself alone, infamous.

Mr A, rabid ultraist, didn’t die but he might as well have had for he had lived not knowing he was not loved at all and the worst thing was, as he choked and gasped in the boiling pot he was imprisoned in, he didn’t realize why a special, and ultimately famous person like him could be so unloved. Or he did but he just didn’t care.

Once upon a time, a girl envied Mr A , rabid ultraist of a far away kingdom. Now she realized how wrong she was to have envied him.


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