Blog Feature: Sushi and Adobo

Today's Blog Feature highlights two of my favorites, Japan and my Yeobo-my ever-patient mentor in 日本語、a superb friend of mine. Sushi and Adobo is not your typical travel/personal blog. What does your blog offer? My blog offers random topics about Japan. The 3 categories I set are: 1. Did you know? – This covers my … Continue reading Blog Feature: Sushi and Adobo


Blog Feature: Now Brewing

We're back with another Blog Feature! Love Esios of has granted us a chance to see what's going on behind the scenes. Considering its official badge and To Be Continued's book jacket, you'll know why this blog is special to me. Read on.   Love Esios ESL instructor. Frustrated writer. Trying hard to be a … Continue reading Blog Feature: Now Brewing