Realized @jk_rowling is like Voldemort with 7+ horcruxes and Potterheads are Harry. She has put a bit of her soul into us through her books.

Conquered N5 ^_^

神様ありがとうございます。 これから日本語を勉強して頑張ります。  

Review: BFG (Movie)

Rated G Presidential rating: 3.4/5 Break down Script: 5 Plot: 3 Actors: 4 Special Effects: 5     The BFG is movie that a family can enjoy but not to the fullest- as a grandma behind my seat in the theater audibly whispered, some scenes are too dragging for grownups, and maybe for the youngsters…

Review: Pilot Birdie Mechanical Pencil

Warning: Not for those who are appalled by traditional writing systems and certainly note for those who believe a stylus and a huge phone can save the world lots of trees. I want to honor this tiny little guy right here, Pilot Birdie, in a post. It has been my constant companion since ideas raced…

School for Good and Evil

I would like to thank National Bookstore for giving me gift certificates which I used to purchase these new babies, The School for Good and Evil. ^-^ TBR this August in preparation for what is going to happen in September. Stay tuned for more reviews. And yes, I will post my review on Harry Potter…

Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations Lora Owens Beverly Herrington Amber Piersol for winning copies of [To Be Continued] Until next giveaway.  To be Continued is available in Kindle, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Amazon Barnes and Noble