Another Achievement: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Some information in the certificate were intentionally hidden so don’t be alarmed why the certificate number has some digits missing or that the QR code has a four-pointed star in the middle or that the initials are too far apart.

Several considerations come into play when pursuing a Master’s Degree. Does one have enough time to focus on it? Which university offers the best course and tools for one’s needs? What about resources? Can one pay for this Master’s Degree in full?

These considerations have their corresponding ideal answers. One can always make time for studying unless other aspects of his or her life demand a huge chunk of his or her time. There are a number of universities offering distance learning that also include live discussions in Zoom or other meeting platforms at an affordable price or easier mode of payment.

But there is one question that remains difficult to answer: Does one pursue his/her own interest or that which could advance his/her career? The response to this leads to another cycle of questions: Will one be willing to spend this amount of money to pursue his/her interest or should one ask for his or her employer to sponsor professional education? Will the course instructor be good or a Youtube content creator can help explain ideas better? Will it be worth the time spent on it? Will this be relevant in the next five years or so?

Welcome aboard my train of thought.

I enrolled myself in an online certification training for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in a platform recommended by a good friend. Apart from having an advancement in my career, my motivation was primarily to learn something that I could eventually apply not only at work but in real life and would not go to waste. I’m glad to report that the training addressed my needs for and interest in professional education:

  • Time – Since, the training was self-paced, I could study at ease and adjust my schedule when I saw fit.
  • Resource – The training price was relatively cheap compared to other Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certifications available online.
  • Trainer – The Master Black Belt trainer was commendable, and though I’m pretty sure a five-hour introduction to LSSYB is available on Youtube, he used local references to bridge concepts together.
  • Affiliation – The platform boasted its affiliation with Council for Six Sigma Certification.
  • Career Advancement – I received a number of tools for that I may use in my field of work. How to use these tools was also included in the training.
  • Interest – DMAIC concepts were related to real-time scenarios for better appreciation.
  • Long-term investment – Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma is only an introduction, more of an awareness stage, but it provides groundwork for higher tiers of Six Sigma.

TLDR version: The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification does not address my want for a Master’s Degree but it addresses my need for Professional Training and Development.

It’s apples to oranges, but at least for now, I know I won’t pursue any master’s degree for the sake of finishing one and while I’m still considering things, there are other professional education options I can avail.


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