2020 Projects

There will be time for reminiscing but this is not it. Do standby because I have another post for my 2019 Highlights. lol. Here are my projects for 2020 as the title so explicitly indicates:

Puzzle: Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel has intrigued me for as long as I got hooked on Harry Potter. Apart from that reason, it was the most interesting design among the cheap ones they had at the Puzzle Mansion. For further deets, let’s all cross our fingers my lazy bones don’t overpower my muse so I can write about it.

Minimal Waste Living

A number of eco-friendly shopping bags have accumulated in my bottom drawers where I usually keep plastic/paper bags. Although it has been a household practice to carry shopping bags to reduce the amount of plastic, I tend to forget them and go as far as think they clutter my bag. Now that I have a designated pocket for one medium sized foldable bag, I simply need to stow it.

I have also thought about transitioning to solid shampoo and conditioner but I cannot experiment with hair products that may trigger my trichotillomania.

Panning Project

I have jumped on the bandwagon of the panning project (aka project pan or project use-it-up) because I see sense in it. It is difficult not to when in one year I collected I number of face products worth thousands and I hardly used them. I created a database to help me monitor the products that I actually use:

This might look excessive and laborious but the design of the database aims to reflect the following: 1) length of time it takes to pan/consume a product 2) frequency of use 3) product value. All three will help me or any consumer make better judgment in purchasing apart from the packaging or price or a favorite Youtuber’s recommendation.

Click here to view a downloadable and customizable version. Once downloaded don’t hesitate to modify the LOVS for brands, types, and status as obviously, those already indicated have been tailored to suit me.

Goodreads: Reading Challenge

I decided to take on another reading challenge this year, this time for 100 books including manga volumes.

It wouldn’t hurt reviewing 漫画 for organic content. The greatest challenge for me is maintaining the credibility of the review since I may be misled by some random translation mistakes.

Organic Content List / Calendar

Here’s the thing: I’m a disorganized planner or the kind who has a number of items in her to-do lists that may not necessarily follow a specific order. I had an epiphany that scheduling posts is not enough to make sure that this digital space has content. I can already hear my 40-year old self laughing at how half-hearted her 30-year old version has been in blog updates.

This page will be further updated with results or other projects I want to accomplish this year. Cheers to a productive 2020.


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