How I answered the 20 unusual teaching interview questions

You might have come across my friends’ interesting responses to the 20 Unusual Interview Questions. If you haven’t and you’re missing out, out of the goodness of my heart I give you this list:

I decided to answer the 20 questions myself.

How do you handle stress?

I don’t handle stress well so I prefer not being stressed. A good amount excites me as any challenge does but when stress gets to me that I need to vent it out at something, or someone, I prefer not to be surrounded by anybody so I go somewhere I could be alone, and hopefully nothing fragile is around.

To control the amount of stress from getting into my brain, I listen to music, not the soothing ones but the loud ones that could take my mind off pressure and let me focus on what I have to do. Or I rewatch an anime or a movie I like.

What book are you currently reading?

Harry Potter, the Complete Collection.

If money was no object, what would you have in your classroom and why?

A hologram projector. It’d keep my sanity.

Which superhero would you be and why?

Although I have seen a number of superhero movies and animes, I still haven’t found a superhero I’d rather be. I have to admit that it’d be nice to be like Saitama though.

Tell me about the last educational article you read.

Researchers Translate Bat Talk. Turns Out , They Argue-A Lot. (Smithsonianmag)

Please read my October 2019 Articles. ^_^

What flower would you be and why?

I love the simplicity of lilies. They look majestic. They don’t need any embellishment to look good or appealing. They don’t have an overpowering scent and they stand for special occasions, be it wedding or death.

 What educational blogs and websites do you follow? and WaitbutWhy. I also follow a number of websites for Japanese practice. You can find the list here.

 Tell me about the worst teacher you ever had in school.

Teachers like those need not to be discussed. Suffice it to say that their common denominator was their failure to fulfill their very essence as teachers: to impart knowledge.

Meanwhile, Umbridge drank tea.

 How would your teachers describe you as a student?

My elementary teachers would have forgotten my existence by now. My high school teachers would probably describe me as a smart student who loved to read and thus stole books from the library. My college professors would try to remember my name and associate it with someone who won writing contests but was not that remarkable in the classroom save for a few courses here and there. My Master’s Structure of English professor would probably say I was too inquisitive and that I took syntax trees too seriously… and my Translation professor probably thought I wasn’t good enough for his class.

If you could be anyone for a day, living or deceased, who would you be and why?

Certain candidates come to mind but I’d rather be a fictional character. It doesn’t have to be a superhero though. Offer me a side-character position near Akira Sendoh and I’d gladly accept it.

 What was the last professional development class you attended?

Certification for Business Analysis Professional

 How do you deal with anger?

I want to believe I have certain anger levels and various scenarios deserve different responses. Then again, I was called a dragon once and a witch several times and these monikers may indicate something…

 Describe a time when you worked with a team to accomplish something.

During the CBAP workshop, the participants were asked to work on several scenarios. I noticed a couple of things about how people work in a group and it’s interesting to see that some would try to get to know the group’s members before tackling the case while others would focus on the task immediately. What I found most interesting however was how people took information for granted just because they wanted to finish a task.

 Do you prefer to be a leader or follower?  Why?

I prefer to be that follower who tells the leader what to do.

 What social media sites do you use?

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. I’m very connected, at least, online.

 How do you stay organized?

I just do. Kidding of course. Calendars and journals. I tend to calendar things that aren’t necessary for me to remember so I can keep my head clear for things that are more useful.

 What types of technology would you use in your classroom and why?

Again. A hologram. With AR technology booming nowadays and students have easy access to information, I only need a hologram to “attend” my classes without being physically present. This might sound very irresponsible of me, but believe me when I say that it’d be advantageous for me and my students.

 If you were not a teacher, what would you want to be and why?

Astronaut because why not? Or a book blogger.

Lost in space…

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

At home, establishing my own empire and writing.

 What type of animal would you be and why?

A dragon. Or a shark. Or a tardigrade so I could outlive everyone.

I had fun answering these questions even when I’m no longer a teacher and I tried my best to answer them as honestly as I could unless I needed humor to make them more interesting. So much for content.

The gifs used to create this post were lifted from Google Images.


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