Teacher of the week, Upon, and her answers to 20 Unusual Teaching Interview Questions

In celebration of Teachers’ month, I forced my friends to answer some questions for fun from the 20 Unusual Teaching Interview Questions from ReallyGoodStuff –although I have to make a disclaimer out there that it was more for my entertainment than theirs, but hey, they responded so that’s a good thing, right? And yes, I only have a few friends so please don’t expect this to be a series.

Being just and merciful, I decided to let my comrades choose which among the 20 questions they would answer. Without further ado, let me give you Teacher Upon’s answers:

Q2: What book are you currently reading?

English Passengers by Matthew Kneale
English Passengers by Matthew Kneale

Q3: If money was no object, what would you have in your classroom and why?

Any tools/gadgets needed to experience the AR and VR learning styles. It should be a very effective way to maximize teaching methods that would cater to all types of learners.

Q4: Which superhero would you be and why?

the flash

Flash! I’m the opposite. What I could accomplish and do if I were him would be unimaginable!


Q8: Tell me about the worst teacher you ever had in school.

The teacher who read the history book just as it is. History – the stories it encompass may include tragedies, but the beautiful tales it held were fascinating. Unfortunately, it wasn’t told to me that way then.

Q9: How would your teachers describe you as a student?

Quiet and shy.

shy anime character

Q10:  If you could be anyone for a day, living or deceased, who would you be and why?

Newton. I’d like to ponder over matters as I sit under the apple tree. Feel what it’s like to be hit by an apple which would inspire me to uncover the law of gravitation. That must have felt – Eureka!

And because I wish I were better at physics and math.

Q12:  How do you deal with anger?

sheldon, live long and prosper

Through Kolinahr. I heard this concept from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory. I do it by breathing in as I close my eyes, imagining I’m in outer space with my spacesuit on. I scream in space, then I breathe out as I open my eyes.

Q14: Do you prefer to be a leader or follower?  Why?

I’m neither in actuality, but I can accept the challenge to be a leader. I’m excited to see what great (hopefully) contributions I can bring to the table. Of course, designing a philosophy is something to be thrilled about.

Q15: What social media sites do you use?

Twitter and IG. It’s always fun to engage in conversations with the interesting people I follow from around the globe.

Teacher Upon teaches English but she’d rather stare at the moon for long periods of time, thinking about not thinking, the philosophy behind it or why people still had to go to work, all these thoughts swirling in her head as she sipped coffee, tea, or mojito.

For the full set of questions, you may go to #RGSTeachersLounge and answer them to your heart’s content.


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