2018 Reading Challenge- Results

With all the changes that happened in 2018, I only managed to read 33 books, 9 of which were manga volumes–I didn’t included the other mangas I read using my MangaRock app because it was honestly tedious looking for Volume Titles in Wikipedia. Had I included all of them, had I been patient enough, I’m sure I would have reached my target but the truth is, patience has never been my virtue so moving on…

the buried giant
The Buried Giant, K. Ishiguro

Out of all the books I read this year, my favorite pick was Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant. Yes, I gushed over A Series of Unfortunate Events, fell in love with The Graveyard Book and had a wonderful time with The Last Dragonslayer (and another yes, I’m not including The Crimes of Grindelwald in my runners-up), but The Buried Giant made me think about it for several days, running several theories of literary criticisms inside my head until my poor brain couldn’t keep up anymore.

When my Goodreads meter told me I only finished 66% of my goal (33 books out of 50), I kicked my sleeping reading engine ready. Although it is not a bad number, plus the 61 articles I read (and some I wrote!), hitting the target is so much better. 2019 is another opportunity-filled year and I can’t wait to start reading new books, printed or digital ones. I’m still aiming for 50. What is your target?


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