Looking for an INTJ 8w7

If you have encountered a person exhibiting the aforementioned description, let me know. I must say however that those who understand Cognitive Approach to INTJ are more welcome. I find INTJ 8w7 interesting to a scary degree. I have always daydreamed having a conversation with this person and trying to keep up. It’s such a…

April 2018 Articles

Time flies so fast! Just a backstory, I started collating articles on April first and now here we are, on the last day! Is this intro something worth reading? No? I thought so! A Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Book Bloggers (WordPress) I have just been using #amreading (or #amwriting) every time I tweet about books….

I don’t wear INTJ on my sleeve. Neither should you.

This article has been published in Medium. Or I better say, I decided to have it published in Medium. Since my vision for this site is to highlight Literacy and Literature, an article about one’s pursuit of her MBTI type is hardly connected unless I give a lengthy lecture about Carl Jung and Cognitive Processes….

APRIL Articles

That time flies so fast is a cliche you don’t need to hear from me but that’s the truth. To be fair, I have to admit that this month, I managed to finish ONE PIECE Manga and two psychology books. It’s time for a new batch of articles! Feel free to click on the article…

REVIEW: The Secret Lives of INTJS by Anna Moss

The Secret Lives of INTJs by Anna Moss My rating: 2 of 5 stars I admit the secrecy of it all initially captured my attention. I’m still astounded by the fact that the secrets included within are not secrets at all. The organization also needs to be improved and some parts of the work need…