Define ‘dream job.’

Short and sweet: I work for VIBAL Publishing or now known as VIBAL Group, the biggest publishing house in the Philippines.

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Before I decided to quit my last job, countless of times I had been asked what kind of work it was  and I was not able to give a definite answer. It was not because I was ashamed of my job or my company– I was proud of my work, really, and even the company I used to work for managed to send me to a different country, a feat not all companies out there are willing to do for their employees. I was satisfied, or so I thought until a door opened and I realized why I was so tight-lipped when it came to my job description.

In January, I was offered a training position in another ESL company and needless to say, it added up to my ego that another company saw my potential, that I could be something more. With the promise of landing another job, I decided to render my resignation.

Things started to change in February though when I was asked to speak in a seminar (read my experience here). I got to represent a publishing house so why stop there? After a series of exams, interviews, psychological evaluation, and requirements, long story short, here I am, a budding writer working for a publishing house.

So are you a writer there?
You are not the only one wondering. Even the interviewers wondered why I didn’t apply as an editor. Nope. I don’t work as a writer. Not only  ’til I overheard an ongoing interview did I set the answer in stone: experience. I have written a number of articles, stories and even published my own book but I am honestly more experienced in teaching and discussing things and that is something I can definitely contribute. Gone are the days when I primarily wanted to learn things– I think I can pick something up while doing what I am good at. Truth be told, coming from me this may sound a little unexpected: there is actual pressure in writing for a publishing house and I’m just not ready for it. Until then, I can only gain experience, accumulate knowledge, and finally have the guts. Lateral transfer is not a new system anyway.



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  1. cseveneaj says:

    I was searching for publishing houses here in the philippines when I stumbled on this post… Well, woww just wow, I can only imagine how wonderful it is to work in a publishing firm… and Iearned that yoy are a published author… ( well I hope you’re speaking in filipino, kasi grabe po 😅 i hope you can help me, even advice me atleast on how to improve my writing.) I really hope you can read this..

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    1. prexybasco says:

      Hi. I checked your blog and I found great poems there! I do speak Filipino, proud Pinoy ako pero I found my voice in writing in English. There are so many great avenues nowadays tbh na ang bookstore mejo secondary na sya. In fact, you can get more audience sa Wattpad or your blog. It’s just looking for the right avenue. In my case, NANOWRIMO helped a lot.


      1. cseveneaj says:

        Well actually po, i already have an account sa nanowrimo… It was also introduced to me by a fellow blogger… pero hindi pa ako nakakagawa ng new project.. 😅..

        Well thank you po sa pagrespond.. 😅 oo nga po eh bibihira na mga gumagamit ng libro… pero siyempre if given the chance, i would really love to have my writings published into a book.. Hahaha sobrang ambitious eh.. Hahaha

        Well thank you po ulit..

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      2. prexybasco says:

        Being ambitious is good. It always leads you somewhere better. Good luck sa career and dreams!


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