MAY 2018 Articles

Have you ever read your old articles and remembered how exactly you wrote them? Do they evoke happy or sad memories? Same time last year, I was in a different environment. As I am writing this in an office full of busy people, their work stations separated by low green dividers, I can’t help but be nostalgic.

Erich Fromm on Spontaneity as the Wellspring of Individuality, Creativity, and Love (BrainPickings.Org)

My argument is that with controlled and managed schedule, I can let my brain be free and roam beyond the boundaries of things I have to do and should do.

How to Disagree

Yes, correcting someone else’s grammar is one of them but not the highest form of disagreement though. Beware, Grammar Nazis.

The Secrets of the High Potential Personality (BBC)

Exactly what I need to hear: MBTI is outdated. I think I need to stalk David Robson as most of the articles I included in my previous collections were from this person and that’s amazing.

A Different Way to Look at Plot and Character (WordPress)

Character driven plot is the trend these days. My take on this article though is one only needs to look at the idea behind fanfiction. We create myriads of stories out of the same backbone but we come up with plots based on the characters.

Australia’s Ancient Language Shaped by Sharks

It’s a life changing moment when you suddenly learn something about sharks or anything related to them aside from the fact that they are cold-blooded.


I don’t know how busy my schedule in June will be but I will still try to keep at least my monthly articles alive.






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