Chasing Mr. Sunrise: A Ride to Pililla, Rizal

We met with the HOTMAMA! riders at five in the morning for a ‘breakfast ride.’

My own Mr. Dorito

It was  a loooooong ride from Malabon to Rizal but such was the feeling of those people who went to a different place for the first time.


You can imagine how difficult it is for a nocturnal to sleep at one in the morning and wake up at four but the view was worth it.


One would think that going to Rizal might be dangerous given how steep the roads and sharp the curves were but we saw a number of cyclists on the road, obviously in awe of the inspiring Mr. Sunrise.



His hair and his big bike got the attention of many.

The first part of our itinerary being finished, we rode on to the place where the windmills were: Pililla.

I didn’t miss the chance to ask them for a photo-op!

The HOTMAMA! Boyband. Yep, they’ve just started a band.


Apart from the quail-egg vending children, you can find places where you can get sustenance nearby. Look at Gerard here who was able to purchase some wafer sticks for an affordable price.


I may not be a windmill expert but I thought the ones in Ilocos looked taller than these guys but who knows? Perhaps the location was also a big factor to their sizes? What I do know though is apart from the serenity the place brings, the alternative source of energy is also big help to us. Then again, who cares about green energy when one look at the place can energize you?

Sir Chester and Ma’am Van took a pose for the nth honeymoon? 
The Guitarist and the Lead Vocalist of the HOTMAMA! band.
Congratulations on your first long ride, JM!
Affordable souvenirs from the Pililla!

We also found an adorable place not so near the windmills: The Daily Beans.


Situated in L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo, The Daily Beans red and brown facade beckoned us to enter and have a light snack– well, it’s either that or we were so hungry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I certainly had fun taking pictures of the whole place just as much as I had trouble deciding between uploading the pictures in my own blog and doing a write up or submitting the whole thing to another online magazine!

The whole experience required a more personal approach as I immensely enjoyed it. I suppose you already know what choice I made.


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