TBR 2017

tbr 2017These are the books I am definitely going to read after my Harry Potter and One Piece marathons–yep, I am not yet done and I am running out of excuses.

I know it is quite late compared to others who have already started their reading challenges this year but hey! We do have our own reading pace and styles *excuses excuses* so without further ado, here’s my TBR 2017 list.
FOUNTAINHEADThe book I have been postponing to read. Just the thickness of it intimidates me. Let’s not go to the font that is freakishly small. I remember buying the copy sometime in 2011… and after six years, I have just decided to include it in my TBR. I am not that intimidated, am I?
ANTHEM – Since the thick book is intimidating, I need to give Ann Raynd a chance by reading a much thinner book. I read from somewhere that this book also encapsulates her theory of Objectivism.
ATLAS SHRUGGED – When I saw its cover, I immediately fell in love. It has the same pattern as the other two! How cute was that! I thought it would complete my Ayn Raynd collection as I am not entirely into her but like Fountainhead, god! The font is too small.
tbr2 2017
THE PERFECT STORM – I saw the movie and it still scares me from riding a ship. Life of Pi does the same thing only with a Richard Parker in it. i wonder if the book also does the same.
SPHERE– I am a big fan of Jurassic Park and although I don’t reread it as often as Harry Potter, I’ve read it at least five times and its sequel, The Lost World, three. I wonder if Michael Crichton could actually pull off another sci-fi novel without any dinosaur in it.
THE TWELVE DAYS OF DASH AND LILY – Syme of People Like Us gave me this book for Christmas and that time I was still in the middle of my recuperation and Harry Potter marathon so I couldn’t squeeze it in my 2016 TBR. This year, I intend to read it in December, too.
A BRIDGE BETWEEN US – I remember buying this when I was still teaching in high school. The summary reminded me of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club and since my Japanese has been improving lately, I thought I should learn more about the culture from a different perspective.
INFERNO – This is one of the books I bought out of a whim after reading too many stories from Readers’ Digest. That said, I haven’t even started reading any part of the book.
THE DIARIES OF JANE SOMERS – Doris Lessing is known for The Golden Notebook but I’m quite sure that she is also popular because of her other works. The truth is, I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of her known work so when I saw this book in 2012, I decided to buy it.
Honorary Part of the List:
SOPHIE’S WORLD – It has been a long time since I last read this book, I thought it might be a nice addition to my TBR.
The first quarter of the year is almost over and until now, I haven’t finished my marathons. The only books I managed to squeeze in were Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and Only Dull People are  Brilliant at Breakfast. Hopefully, I can start with any of these because, oh boy, this list is ambitious. lol

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