APRIL Articles

That time flies so fast is a cliche you don’t need to hear from me but that’s the truth. To be fair, I have to admit that this month, I managed to finish ONE PIECE Manga and two psychology books. It’s time for a new batch of articles! Feel free to click on the article…

A Realization, Stranger than Fiction

Joe Kerr and I finished this movie the other night and I can’t help but think… This is the kind of literature I want to write. As a writer, I am also plagued by bouts of mental block, a sudden lack of inspiration, creativity drought. People who don’t run out of things to say nor write…


Congratulations, Phebee, for finishing your second 21-km run this year! 南澳春季路跑 Nanao Spring Run, 21km Marathon 4.22.17    

Student of the Week

Teacher: I just realized that my website needs more content. I haven’t posted anything new yet. Student: When are you going to write about me?!

REVIEW: The Secret Lives of INTJS by Anna Moss

The Secret Lives of INTJs by Anna Moss My rating: 2 of 5 stars I admit the secrecy of it all initially captured my attention. I’m still astounded by the fact that the secrets included within are not secrets at all. The organization also needs to be improved and some parts of the work need…

Student of the Week

Teacher: Why do you sound so tired? Student: I attended a concert last night. Teacher: Really? That sounds good. Whose and where? Student: My apartment. My neighbor sang in the shower all night again.

Teacher of the Week

Student: I was so tired I could kill my friend. Teacher: You could have pushed him over the cliff and he’d die. Student: 😐

Student of the Week

Teacher: Most women want to get married or travel in their thirties. What about you? Lily: I just want to have a stable job and raise a Shiba Inu.