Blog Feature: Sushi and Adobo

Today’s Blog Feature highlights two of my favorites, Japan and my Yeobo-my ever-patient mentor in 日本語、a superb friend of mine. Sushi and Adobo is not your typical travel/personal blog.

sushi and adobo – Hello. Join me as I get a taste of Japan

What does your blog offer?

My blog offers random topics about Japan. The 3 categories I set are:

1. Did you know? – This covers my observations and obscure trivia about Japan.
2. Diary – This covers my personal experiences since I moved to Japan.
3. Study Japanese – This is for my fellow language learners.

What inspired you to put up a blog?

It was another out-of-the-blue suggestion from my husband as we were having breakfast at Denny’s. He frequents this family resto and likes to spend a good 3 hours writing movie scripts. He simply wants me to be there (a control freak’s way to maintain order). Blogging was the answer. I am inexperienced in this field so if my reader could finish reading without giving a big yawn, I’ll be the happiest.

Do you accept author contributions in your blog?
My pleasure. Japan-related articles are highly desired.

Maiden posts articles every month, a wrap up of  her activities in Japan and things she misses in the Philippines. She also posts Nihonggo-learning articles and Japanese culture related stuff. From time to time she blesses the world with her photos.




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