Blog Feature: Now Brewing

We’re back with another Blog Feature! Love Esios of has granted us a chance to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Considering its official badge and To Be Continued‘s book jacket, you’ll know why this blog is special to me. Read on.



Love Esios
ESL instructor. Frustrated writer. Trying hard to be a blogger but still “confidently beautiful with a heart”.



1. Who are the writers? Contributors?
>>> Now Brewing was actually the brainchild of not just one person but a circle of four friends who love to talk about movies and books over cups of coffee.

2. What does your blog offer?
>>> We actually offer our own take on movies and books that we have already watched and read. The movie or book doesn’t have to be newly released. When we feel strongly about a book or a movie, we blog about it.

Now Brewing

3. What inspired you to put up a blog?
It was actually an idea that just popped out while we were talking about a movie that I couldn’t remember anymore. (Hehe 🙂 ) We thought of sharing what we think in the internet world and let others speak out what they think about what we think. 😉

4. How often do you post updates?
>>> Since all of us are working professionals, we haven’t updated the blog for months now. But we are brewing something good for our followers… more of an in-depth feature about the contributors of Now Brewing 🙂 so watch out for that 🙂

5. Do you accept author contributions in your blog?
>>> We were actually thinking about it but we don’t have any concrete plans as of yet.

Love Esios

Now Brewing covers a wide selection of books and movies, from famous Hollywood ones to local movies in the Philippines, the award-winning and even the indies. The contributors initiated the blog in 2013 hence the blog address.

You can visit their Facebook Page HERE


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