What I read in August 2021

I read a number of novels this month so you might want to check out these reviews:

2021 Looking for INTJ 8w7s Results

Disclaimer: This was an amateur survey I created to satisfy my curiosity. It was flawed in a lot of ways and through the responses, I could tweak some items here and there and come up with a better version. To this day, Looking for an INTJ 8w7 is my top ranking post and I couldn’t…

What I read in September-October 2021

I’ve been overthinking about the future content of this blog which causes me to take for granted its present content. But since that is not here nor there, here are the articles and blog posts that have piqued my interest: How Much Do I Need to Retire? (Investopedia) What is it about: The article provides…

As for the articles:

Will artificial intelligence be a marketer’s new best friend or foe? (Forbes)

What is it about: The benefits and downsides of AI in marketing.

What I think about it: As of the moment, Artificial Intelligence is a tool and it is only as good as the ones who wield it. The sooner we realize that labeling it a foe because of our mistake, the better. It is the same with “beating the algorithm.” What these labels do is shift the blame and mindset of people from the things they lack or they don’t do. Who could blame them when mainstream media always paint AI in bad light.

Machine Learning Algorithm | Algorithm design, Machine learning, Algorithm

A better understanding of keywords, cybersecurity, and algorithm could perhaps assuage people’s resistance against AI.

The case for a shorter workweek (BBC)

What is it about: According to some research, cutting the number of hours employees are supposed to work in a day can help boost productivity and efficiency.

What I think about it: I do observe Parkinson’s Law in the workplace but I also know that a number of employees do not subscribe to being treated like machines. In the beginning, a shorter workweek would be welcomed with open arms but after a while, a new problem would arise e.g. the amount of work done isn’t justified by the amount of money spent or that deadlines are too rigid and inhumane. There have been issues with employees not meeting deadlines and that’s with 8 hours of work per day. Work-life balance has been a prevalent concern for decades so it is about time we examine this problem from a different angle and perhaps that human beings are social animals have to be taken into consideration as well. Cutting work hours will not stop people from gossiping or cyberloafing.

Why does quitting your job still feel so hard? (BBC)

What is it about: The article shares the different implications quitting a job has and how it affects people’s mentality.

What I think about it: Some devote their lives to their jobs and that is something to be proud of. But realizing that your job isn’t your life is also a remarkable feat. Finding that balance between loving your job and staying in your comfort zone is challenging for anyone. Gambling one’s stability for the sake of a “better-future” is frowned upon simply because not everybody can do it.

How to fight microplastic pollution with magnets (BBC)

What is it about: Ferrofluid is a breakthrough created to attract microplastic from our water sources.

What I think about it: The title can be misleading but I guess changing it to “How to attract microplastic pollution with vegetable oil mixed with iron oxide powder and subsequently attracted by a magnet” seems tacky and pretty much a giveaway. It’s a good read though and can bring hope to those who worry about the ocean.

I don’t have any book review scheduled in September nor October so far so I’m going to look for other stuff to review. Ciao.

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