What I Read from April to June 2021

I know I owe three months worth of articles but I also know that I don’t have the patience and the heart to cheat myself by cramming everything in one post.

Let me list what transpired in three months:

  • Work
  • Rereading Harry Potter 5 and 6
  • Reading and reviewing ARCs for The Write Reads’ Ultimate Blog Tour
  • Professional education

Please find below the reviews I posted for the magnificent books I received from the blog tour:

Recalibration: Setting my 10-year Goals

The beginning of the year often signals a reset for many people so a number of us are prone to creating resolutions we aim to abide by (at least in the first three months of the year) or goals that we want to achieve. This behavior subjects us to the marketing strategies of journal and…

Book Spotlight: Rising Shadows by Phillip Blackwater #MiniTour #BlogTour #TheWriteReads

Book Info Genre: YA Fantasy Length: 318 Pages Publication Date: 12th July 2019 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TJDDWRB/  Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51277980-the-hidden-king  Blurb As tension rises between the southern and northern nations of the small continent of Exitium in the world of Anteris, the Elves turn to their eastern neighbors, the Humans, for help. They wish to learn the ways of combat, which…

An Action-packed Journey with “The Hidden King” #TheWriteReads #MiniTour

DISCLAIMER: THE WRITE READS PROVIDED ME A DIGITAL COPY OF THE NOVEL THE Hidden king BY E.G. Radcliffe IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. Book Info Genre: YA Fantasy Length: 318 Pages Publication Date: 12th July 2019 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TJDDWRB/  Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51277980-the-hidden-king  Blurb Hidden truths. Hidden power. Hidden destiny. On the shores of a rusty sea, in…

The Book Snob Tag

I saw this tag in The Strawberry Post and thought the questions were fun. As always, I’m pretty late in the game but here we are. 1. Adaptation Snob: Do You Always Read the Book Before You See the Movie? Not always. Whichever comes first is fine. Perhaps it depends on how invested I am…

Now that those four book reviews are out of the way, here are the few articles I managed to squeeze in:

Anne Lamott’s Wondrous Letter to Children About Books as Antidotes to Isolation, Portals to Perspective, and Crucibles of Self-Discovery (Brain Pickings)

What it is about: It is a very short epistle with some notes from the domain owner about the importance of reading.

What I think about it: It’s not a secret that the cheapest ticket to a different world one can have access to is a story, be it a short one or a thick novel, digital or paperback. As any other ticket one pays for, it has to be used.

Kierkegaard on Our Greatest Source of Unhappiness (Brain Pickings)

What it is about: Simply put, the greatest source of unhappiness is escapism. Some people escape to the wonderful promises of what will be (hope) and others retreat to the what was (memories).

What I think about it: Escapism is a coping mechanism that almost everyone has. By Kierkegaard’s examples though, I can say the saddest individuals are those who have lost hope in their future aspirations or those who are stuck in their regrets and can’t move on. Take my words with a grain of salt as I am not a philosopher.

How to Use Parkinson’s Law to your Advantage (Lifehack)

What it is about: This article talks about how to allot enough time for a task depending on the effort it needs.

What I think about it: As this article was recommended by a colleague, I couldn’t help but associate it to work-related tasks and not the personal ones I try to get through in order to call myself productive. Working in the tech industry, where ‘sprint’ and ‘timeline’ are common jargons, helps bring the idea close to home. Employees must aim for efficiency now more than ever. Perhaps telecommuting or the quarantines have made some complacent with the “I have more time now” idea. Well, we have more time to put this Parkinson’s Law to practice.

By and large, changing the title of this series and the overall format proved to be helpful though not an excuse to skip my monthly updates.

What are you reading these days?


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