Reaction Journal: RuPaul’s Drag Race S1 Ep 3

Disclaimer: I don’t have a prior knowledge of the history of ‘drag’ and its culture and I’m only bringing in my limited knowledge of reality TV shows particularly America’s Next Top Model so apologies in advance. Timestamps for scenes and snippets of conversations have been included so if you want to read ahead, make sure you are also watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix.

The challenge for this episode is to embody Oprah Winfrey.

Obviously since this is a competition, a reality TV show, cattiness is one key ingredient.

Two of my top three contestants are showing distress: Nina for not knowing who Oprah Winfrey is, and Jade for not understanding the whole concept of the challenge.

Rebecca on the other hand is showing immense potential this time as opposed to the first two episodes.

Teleprompter reading

I have caught myself wondering why some contestants can’t pronounce English words since I use English as my second, not first, language, and find the words easy to pronounce. But hey, the show’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and not RuPaul’s English Class so I need to throw these thoughts away.

The segment is funny from how the remaining contestants pronounce words and foreign names to Ongina’s “This is Connie Chung” to Nina’s “This is Your Name.”

Product Pitch or My Favorite Product

Once again, Nina blows my mind away. “Just plug it in and blow. Whooosh!” Jade has just been relatively ok from her cuts. I am surprised to see Shannel struggling because I thought she completely has the upper hand for knowing Oprah very well.

Interview with Special Guests

19:02 We’re having another “Akashia is a problem contestant” part. I think they have already established that she’s rude so I don’t need to point that out in my succeeding reactions… or do I? I’m happy that Tori and Dean find Nina’s confidence attractive so I’m pretty sure she’s safe this week. Shannel is having a hard time pleasing her guests though very opposite to how Tori and Dean love their interview with Ongina.

Tori and Dean have been amazing guests.

Runway Looks

  • Shannel – She has gone for a dramatic effect with her ‘Shannel Couture’ and it is fabulous.
  • Ongina – Her overall appearance has not appealed to me. She is pretty and cute but for runway, I have certain expectations.
  • Rebecca – She’s one classy beauty queen.
  • Nina – There’s a reason why I like her. She transforms every single time.
  • Jade – Her outfit definitely is one of my faves so far as it gives a good contrast between her covered arms and her bare legs.
  • Bebe – From the voluminous hair, to her furry coat to her leopard print body suit, she has killed it.
  • Akashia – That slip and the way she has handled it? Great.

Deliberation, Elimination, Verdict

Ru shares my thoughts on Nina so way to go for me. Bebe has won this episode’s challenge and I completely agree.

39:50 I have paused the video at this point because I’m not in favor of this last minute-save yourself from grace-lip sync battle. It gives a perfect excuse for the other contestants to mess up in the challenges and just nail this part of the competition.

I’m glad Shannel has made it even with a minor problem. She has made the falling of her headdress a part of her performance and that has earned her much respect from the judges.

My Reaction

Finally, we get to say good bye to Akashia.


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