Reaction Journal: RuPaul’s Drag Race S1 Ep 2

Disclaimer: I don’t have a prior knowledge of the history of ‘drag’ and its culture and I’m only bringing in my limited knowledge of reality TV shows particularly America’s Next Top Model so apologies in advance. Timestamps for scenes and snippets of conversations have been included so if you want to read ahead, make sure you are also watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix.

Hi. Welcome to another journal entry about RuPaul’s Drag Race, this time for the 2nd episode of the first season.

The selfie game is not as fun as it was conceptualized. I think the pacing has been too fast for that one.

Challenge: Girl Group Performance

From the onset, I already know there’s going to be a lot of drama as in any reality TV show but today’s episode centers so much on Akashia and how she projects to be a tough B. For winning the selfie challenge, she has been picked as the leader of her girl group competing against Ongina’s and from the episode edits–or script perhaps? lol- they exhibit different leadership styles.

09:10 The episode is building on Ongina’s leadership and her team’s cooperation so much, it’s making me expect that their performance will be a lot better than the other group. Meanwhile, Akashia keeps on this bossy facade with quips like “I don’t know how to do this so you do this” which reminds me of someone I know lol. But hey, it’s too early to reach a conclusion which team may have a better music video.

10:38 Too bad that Shannel and Nina have gotten on the wrong foot. Clearly I care more about them as opposed to Tammie and Akashia who have just been shown biting each other’s heads.

14:11 Jade, dear, I’m not sure if I can laud your idea of not outshining your team. Great for teamwork, but terrible for individual score. Particularly when you have a group leader who clearly wants to outshine everyone.

20:38 “Michelle, can you handle this?” and Michelle Williamas goes, “I don’t know.” That’s awkward. Oh, they manage to do it right this time. LOL

29:00 Say My Name with Ongina’s group, Serving Fish. I love Shannel’s performance in this one. She really has that stage presence. I feel a bit sorry for Nina. I know she’s fierce, talented and creative but I do agree she needs to work on her choreography. I just wish she showed that fiery personality she has.

30:25 Independent with Akashia’s group, 3D. Jade has been spectacular. She really is beautiful. I also love her stage presence and though it shows that her dancing skills are way out of her teammates leagues, she doesn’t completely leave them behind.

34:32 I can only nod with the judges reaction to Serving Fish. They have been so amazing. Rebecca just needs to bring the same kind of energy as with her group members. As for 3D, the internal problem of the group affected their performance and the judges have seen that. “If you can bring it, you can be the biggest b**** in the world,” and I have to say ‘amen’ to that.


I really thought it was over for Akashia after the judge’s comments but Tammie seems to have left her desire to win the competition backstage so I’m not sad to let her go.

My reaction:

I’m recognizing the girls bit by bit, seeing their differences and talents and yes, I already have my top 3: Nina, Shannel and Jade.


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