At “The Convenience Store”

Look at what I finally got my hands on!

I have been following the story of Eddie at The Convenience Store on Twitter for almost two years now. The story is pretty much straightforward: the protagonist works at The Convenience Store and he shares his interesting and somewhat action-packed everyday / or work-day life with his colleagues and his clients. What I’ve found compelling about the storytelling apart from its unique medium is the fact that the characters have been well thought of and each has a unique ‘voice’ and they still set the atmosphere of the story within the relatable bounds of actual occurrences in any convenience store–with a twist, of course.

Last year I decided to give myself a little Christmas Present by purchasing his official merch. With all the shenanigans at work, I only happened to receive them this week.

I only bought the sticker and pins set but Eddie sent me additional pins and stickers from other stories as well.

My Acer Nitro 5 offered a good amount of space for the stickers so I went ahead and mapped their placement with my trusty washi tape.

The stickers weren’t flimsy, thin, nor glossy. The matte film made them feel like they could withstand fingerprint marks and liquids–not that I have ever planned spilling water on my Nitro 5, nope, but accidents do happen, and I sometimes forget to wipe my hands completely dry.

I also stuck one Conspiracy Research Club near my touchpad. I might have gone overboard with the stickers but overall I’m quite happy with them.

Since I’m not going anywhere and my bags are stowed in their respective boxes – hurray me!, I have decided to save the pins for later use.

And read Eddie’s story here:

You can purchase The Convenience Store‘s merch here:

Download the FromEveryst App here:


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