Quick Review: I want to eat your pancreas (Manga)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An unsolicited advice: lock your room when you’re reading this manga. This is the kind that makes you scrunch your face as it tugs your heart and you don’t want to be found by your parent-in-law in that situation. Nope.

A list of things I liked about the manga is probably the more fitting title for this post as it barely counts as a review. But it’s a very short manga and it’ll be weird to have a longer write-up about it. I know I’d rather read the manga than the review so with that out of the way, here’s the said list:

  • The “Friendly Classmate’s” description of Sakura’s room – That very description has hit home run.
  • He who-must-not-be-named. The storyteller, for that’s what I like to call him, remained unnamed the entire story. Sakura gave him several pet names including “Friendly Classmate” which he totally wasn’t, “Terrible Classmate” which he also wasn’t.
  • Reference to The Little Prince. The classic novella played a huge part in the story. Sakura’s relationship with her “Terrible classmate” reminded me of the Prince and the Fox. Mind you, it is challenging to give you the similarities without spoiling things so just appreciate the a priori text.
  • Choices. I knew that when Sakura started explaining how small choices affect lives, I’d go down the rabbit hole. Having a short lifespan on earth is definitely not within the bounds of our choices but living in that amount of time certainly is…

These are but a few things that endeared the manga to me. I’m not ashamed of the tears I shed, just of the fact that I was caught.


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