To Johnson, With Love


The strength to smile despite the everyday stress is one of your key talents I am envious of. I’m not saying you are a hypocrite–or at least, not explicitly–It’s actually far from it. How you enliven the atmosphere with just your mere presence is another. The passion you have for your craft and the respect you devote to your art are probably your greatest assets. At this point, you’re already thinking I may be flattering you too much–well, yes I am. Is it still a flattery though if I say I know you’ll go far?

Now that you are holding your head a bit higher–how’s the weather up there? lol– will you still be willing to read a few more words from me?

We might have considered destiny as overrated  as we realize the power behind every decision we make. We don’t need to wait for doors to close or open for us. We can unlock opportunities and places by ourselves without seeking validation from anyone. And you have already made a step towards one of those places.

They say you can always look back but I hope you continue to look forward and achieve the dreams no one else has drafted for you but yourself. And I hope we see each other again in that future. 

It’s going to be awfully more quiet from now on–

The taste of morning coffee will never be the same–

And discussions will definitely be boring for the next few days and I blame you for all of the sudden changes.

Despite all these, I just want you to know, I like you better now. Cheers.


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