September 2019 Articles

Let’s admit it. There are those months you think you’ll be busy only to find out that it can get busier. That’s not comforting for fresh graduates who are looking for jobs out there, I know. Eventually, they’ll face the harsh reality that ideal workplaces will remain a figment of their imagination–unless they do something about it.

What’s my point? Work. But everybody gets so busy at work so what’s my point? Nothing really.

Here are the articles I managed to read in my busiest month of the year as of yet– October is eyeing me as if saying he isn’t going to make it easier for me.

How Paper is Making a Comeback

For someone who works for a publishing company, this doesn’t really sound that surprising.

The Animals that Will Survive Climate Change

If you’re queasy about looking at photos of roaches, don’t click the link. But I suppose by now, you already had, rendering my warning moot. Also Tardigrades or water bears are cute if you have a soft spot for microanimals. I have a certain respect for them knowing they’ll outlive us all.

What single word defines who you are?

This old article from David Robson made me think of robot-generated novels, short stories, or literature. The Verge featured an article in April about a textbook being written by AI. This might not look distressing for others –in fact it posits a good business market for Publishers with advance technology. Then again, for writers who are struggling to find a niche, competing against more renowned authors, this is a dilemma. How exactly would we identify ourselves from our AI counterparts then?

I reread therefore I understand

I know I eventually have to explain why I reread to the rare few who ask. The first month of my Annual Harry Potter Marathon after all. In this article, Blessing breaks down Descarte’s proposed methods in understanding Philosophy. Rereading may be time consuming for others but as facts can be easily debunked by new findings, philosophy can be as easily reinterpreted. As Blessing says, “It’s not an easy, passive activity.”

I have also finished a couple of things this month:

The Big Bang Theory

I finished all twelve seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Remember last month’s recap when I was just binge-watching it? Yes. I didn’t exactly break any record but still.

The Worst Witch

Only the first season. I am not sorry that I skipped the succeeding ones.

Dear Enemy

I finally finished the book I started reading in August. That’s one sad record.

You will have read this post in October. Yes, I admit, work has finally caught up on me. And I like it. Very much.


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