April 2019 Articles

I tried catching up on my reading and writing this month– my smartphone games were getting in the way, not to mention an old flame in the form of a Korean TV series. I seem to be fixated on a number of things lately, I wonder if it’s my age.

What Happens inside a Black Hole

They are very curious thing. Congratulations to basically everybody who worked on the first image of the Black Hole. Another giant leap for humankind. That hole is 55m light years away. *wink wink*

How does it feel to be watched at work all the time?

How do we draw the line between ensuring the efficiency of our employees and intruding their privacy? According to the article, as long as an agreement between an employer and employee exists, monitoring one’s job is perfectly okay.

How many days should you take off work?

I got to enjoy a number of days off in April, to be honest, and this reignited the idea that I’m better off staying at home without getting any work done apart from reading more books and writing. But Reality is Daydream’s strong competition– I simply need to pay my bills.

The Flow State: Where Creative Work Thrives

I recognize this phenomenon particularly in the middle of improving a plot. The flow cannot be triggered in a snap–well, it is a flow for a reason. There are times however when I start writing and then I write some more, I look at the time and poof, it has gone by for quite a while and though a mere two-paged draft is not a Nobel material, I still revel in the idea that I have created something.

How did Britain become an island?

This is another bitsized article that challenges History and Geography teachers out there. I didn’t learn this from mine–a fact I had to live with.

Let me end this post by admitting that both Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame just blew me away.


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