April 2019 Articles

I tried catching up on my reading and writing this month-- my smartphone games were getting in the way, not to mention an old flame in the form of a Korean TV series. I seem to be fixated on a number of things lately, I wonder if it's my age. What Happens inside a Black … Continue reading April 2019 Articles


A 30-Day Vacation (December 11, 2016-January 2016)

Here's a summary of what I did during my long vacation, something many people -surprisingly- have been wanting to find out. Finished reading 3 books a) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (as part of my Harry Potter Marathon) b) The Subtle Knife (finally!) c) The Amber Spyglass Finished watching: a) Uncontrollably Fond, Korean Drama … Continue reading A 30-Day Vacation (December 11, 2016-January 2016)